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Lieutenant Karl 'Helo' Agathon

Portrayed by: Tahmoh Penikett

Appears in:
Season One
Season Two
Season Three

Helo in the Miniseries:
Helo was Lieutenant Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii's ECO. When the Cylons attacked, they were forced to land on Caprica for repairs. Before they could take off again, survivors came upon them and begged for escape. They decided to allow the children to go. There were then three places left and a lottery was held. Helo then noticed Gaius Baltar among the survivors and decided to give up his seat for Baltar. Boomer pleaded for him to come with her, but he stayed behind on Caprica.

Helo in Season One:
Helo was running from Cylon Warriors when he encounters Six, who is then shot by Lieutenant Valerii. Unknown to him, this is another Boomer. After finding 'their Raptor' overrun by Cylons, they go on the run. They return to the city, tracking an emergency beacon to a fully stocked bomb shelter. When Helo talks of moving on, Cylon Warriors soon appear and attack. Helo then finds that Boomer has been taken. He goes deeper into the city to find her. Once he does, they flee out of the city again.

Helo finally begins to further bond with Lieutenant Valerii and they become romantically involved. She then begins to lead him away from the Cylons even more frantically. They head for a base when they plan to steal a Raptor and get away. While there, Helo sees two more Sixes. He begins to realize something isn't right and then he sees another Boomer, who pulls a gun when she spots him. His Boomer shoots the second Bommer. He flees and Boomer chases him. Back in the city somewhere, he shoots her, but only wounds her. She then tells him that she's pregnant. She takes him to the museum where the Arrow of Apollo is located. When they arrive, they see the end of the fight between Lieutenant Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace and another Six. He and Starbuck reunite and then he stops her from shooting his Boomer.

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