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Joe 'Hammerhead' Palladino

Portrayed by: Jeremy Guilbaut

Appears in:
Season Two

Lieutenant Palladino is a pilot that Colonel Tigh puts in command of Marines on a mission to secure supplies from the Gideon. While they are there, civilians protest and start growing restless. Shots are accidentally fired by the Marines before Palladino can restore order. The incident haunts Palladino and he blames Tigh, who was temporarily in command while Commander Adama was in sickbay fighting for his life. At about the same time that reporter D'Anna Biers is given unrestricted access to the Galalctica, Palladino uses a passage of Kataris to threaten Tigh. Later, he sabotages a Raptor that was scheduled to take Tigh to Cloud Nine. Finally, he contronts Tigh after binding and gagging Tigh's wife, Ellen. Tigh takes responsibility for the incident and challenges Palladino to follow through on his threat and kill him. Palladino can't do it and is taken into custody.

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