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Margaret 'Racetrack' Edmonson

Portrayed by: Leah Cairns

Appears in:
Season One ("Kobol's Last Gleaming")
Season Two
Season Three

Racetrack in Season 1 ("Kobol's Last Gleaming"):
Racetrack first appeared as Galactica Boomer's third ECO after Crashdown was assigned to the Kobol scouting party while Boomer was recovering. After a basestar arrived and the Cylons attacked the Kobol scouting party, Commander Adama decided to use the Cylon beacon to gain access to the basestar and destroy it using a warhead. Boomer and Racetrack were assigned the mission. Racetrack was barely holding it together as they flew into the basestar, then had to land when the warhead wouldn't launch. She was mightily relieved when Boomer finally returned. They left the basestar before the warhead destroyed it. She was in Galactica's CIC and had just been congratulated by Commander Adama for the successful mission when Boomer shot Adama.

Racetrack in Season 2:
In the chaos following Commander Adama's shooting, Racetrack informed the acting command staff that Galactica Boomer had been outside the Raptor for some time while they were in the basestar and thus had ample opportunity to inform the Cylons of Galactica's location. Following Adama's recovery, Racetrack flies he and Billy to Kobol to join President Roslin's party searching for the Tomb of Athena. Racetrack next is seen flying Commander Adama and reporter D'Anna Biers back to Galactica. Later, Biers interviews Racetrack who shows a fatalism, but also a fire about the 'toasters'.

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