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D Anna Biers
D'anna Biers

Cylon Model: Number Three

Portrayed by: Lucy Lawless

Appears in:
Season Two: Episode 2.08 - "Final Cut"
Season Three

D'Anna Biers in Season Two:
D'Anna Biers is a reporter for the Fleet News Service. She draws the attention of Commander Adama and President Roslin with her story concerning the Gideon incident, which she has called the Gideon Massacre. They have her brought to Colonial One and offer her unrestricted access to Galactica for a story about the crew. While there, she is witness to Kat's abuse of stims, threats made on Colonel Tigh's life, Doctor Cottle saving Caprica Eight's (Caprica/Helo Sharon) unborn baby and an attack by two Cylon Raiders. Even with all of that, Biers puts together a balanced piece that is endorsed by Commander Adama. After the airing of the morale-boosting piece, it turns out that Biers is a humanoid Cylon as another Three is seen on Caprica screening the piece with other Cylon humanoid models.

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