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Priest Elosha
Priest Elosha

Portrayed by: Lorena Gale

Appears in:
Season One
Season Two

Elosha in the Miniseries:
Elosha was aboard Colonial One during the Cylon attack. She is called upon to swear in Laura Roslin as the new President.

Elosha in Season One:
Elosha later presides over the service for the Viper pilots killed in the flight deck accident. President Roslin hallucinates as a result of her organic treatments for cancer and relates her vision to Elosha. Elosha claims that the vision echoes Pythia's writings in the Sacred Scrolls. She believes that Roslin might have a greater destiny. Roslin has another vision concerning an abandoned planet that the fleet has found. Elosha believes that it must be Kobol.

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