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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Act 1:
Kat is focused on the Raider. Kat is sure that she's got him. Starbuck isn't so sure and doesn't think that it's Scar because he would be jumping or attacking them, not running. She decides to check behind them and reverses course. Starbuck managed to spot Scar coming of the blinding glow of a nearby star. However, he blows past her, scoring a hit that damages some of Kara's electrical systems.

(Caption: 81 hours ago)
In the Galactica pilots' ready room, Kat goes over the flight footage of Beano and Reilly. She says that Beano opened fire too early and wasn't close enough to actually score a hit. She asks the pilots where Beano went wrong, but no one answers. Kat rewinds the footage to a point where a Raider can be seen sitting along side a small asteroid. Kat points out that Beano had become fixated on his target and thus missed seeing the Raider sitting there. Clark asks if it was Scar. Kat's response is to fast-forward the footage to where Scar fills up the entire screen of the gun cam and his scarred "head" can be clearly seen.

In Galactica CIC, President Roslin addresses Admiral Adama and Commander Tigh. She says that the mining ship has broken another drill bit and they need to extend operations for eight more days. Tigh reacts rudely, while Adama says nothing. Roslin continues and explains that a rich vein of ore with enough material to build two squadrons of Vipers has just been found. She then tells Adama that the " Pegasus production team" finished its first combat-ready Viper. Tigh is concerned about replacing lost pilots.

In Galactica 's pilots' ready room, Starbuck gives a briefing in which she recounts that the mining ships found ores on the asteroid four weeks before. The rest of the fleet has been sent away with Pegasus as protection. Galactica has stayed behind to protect the mining operation. The asteroid field makes it impossible for dradis to differentiate ships. She starts to say that they only have one thing they can use and Kat interjects with "eyeballs." She says that they'll go out in groups of fours. Kat says that it's groups of twos. Kara tries to put Kat down as the pilots murmur. Kat points out that the CAG [Apollo] specified patrolling in groups of twos in the briefing. Starbuck takes a look and self-corrects. Kara tries to finish off her briefly strongly, but the pilots whisper about her unpreparedness.

In Galactica CIC, President Roslin says that the mining operation is very important to the long-term survival of the fleet. Adama says that Galactica will continue to support the operation. Tigh says that the Cylons are picking them off one pilot at a time. Roslin asks if their destroying the Resurrection Ship has changed the Cylon tactic of frontal assaults. Adama says that Starbuck is investigating.

Sharon tells Starbuck that Scar has probably died and been reborn numerous times and even fought him before. Raiders reincarnate just like the humanoid Cylons. Sharon explains that a Raider is "like a trained animal with basic consciousness and a survival instinct." Sharon says that because the Resurrection Ship has been destroyed, the Raiders will not launch mass attacks now that they can really die. Starbuck is still stuck on the news that the Raiders reincarnate. Sharon points out that it takes months to train a new pilot and then their experience is gone when they die. The way the Cylons do it, death is part of the "learning experience." Sharon then asks how many pilots have been lost. First, she says "we lost" and then corrects herself to "you lost." Starbuck just looks at her for a long moment and then says that at times she can almost forget that Sharon is a Cylon and only remember the "kid" who arrived on Galactica and had trouble with her landings over and over and the "kid" who was fooling around with Chief Tyrol and thought she was getting away with it. Sharon says she remembers too and starts to cry. She begins to reach out for Kara and the guards immediately raise their weapons, which brings Sharon and Kara out of their reverie. Kara gets up and moves away. Sharon tells her to be careful of Scar, because he's very bitter from his many deaths.

Kara puts one of the nuggets through a training exercise that simulates the vertigo that is caused by the quick turning and banking of combat flying. JoJo ends the exercise and is handed a pistol. Starbuck times him as he attempts to shoot the target while trying to deal with the vertigo. JoJo managed to hit the corner of the target with one round. Duck says that he didn't even get that close. Someone asks what the record is and the answer is that Starbuck got for hits on the "X-ring." Kat wants to try it.

Kat finishes spinning and Kara hands her the pistol. Kat quickly fires off her fire rounds and they bring the target up. Kat has gotten all five rounds inside the "X-ring."

[Back to the present]
The action picks up with Scar scoring a hit on Starbuck and flying right by. As Starbuck's electrical systems spark, she radios for Kat's position. Starbuck is flying her damaged Viper with Scar on her tail.

Kat says that she can't see Starbuck's position.

Starbuck maneuvers who damaged Viper with Scar all over her. Starbuck reports that her primary and secondary hydraulics are "bent," but that she can deal with it.

Kat again asks Starbuck where she is.

Starbuck tells Kat that she's going to take Scar all by herself. Starbuck flies maneuvers very close to several asteroids. She seems convinced that she's faced and defeated Scar before.

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