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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

(Caption: Colonial Mining Ship Majahual; 29 th Day of Operations )
The Majahual is conducting mining operations on an asteroid. Starbuck and Kat fly by in their Vipers on a patrol. Starbuck warns Kat that their location is where BB and Jo Jo "bought it." Kat calls out Scar, a Cylon. Kara tries to calm Kat, but Kat talks some more about being the one to take out Scar. Kat then decides to try and remember the name of Reilly's girlfriend, which she thinks is "Cassie."

(Caption: 94 hours ago)
Kat and Starbuck pack up Reilly's gear, which includes a picture of his girlfriend. Starbuck says that he died because he couldn't control his fear. Kat says that when he ran, he left himself open to get taken out. Starbuck says that he was a good pilot, just didn't have the guts to be a fighter. Duck says that Beano had plenty of guts because it took Cally an hour to clean up his cockpit. Kat wonders what Reilly's girlfriend's name was. Starbuck doesn't know. Hot Dog and Duck try to guess her name and indicate that she died on Picon in the Cylon attacks. Starbuck's response is to make a snide comment about holding a memorial service for her and Reilly. Kat disagrees and feels that knowing the girlfriend's name is important. Two new pilot recruits enter the pilot's quarters and introduce themselves as Baxton and Clark. They walk in and throw their gear onto the two empty bunks, explaining that they just finished Viper training on Pegasus. The other pilots cut down the two newbies' bravura by cluing them into the fact that the two empty bunks belonged to the two recently killed pilots, Beano and Reilly. The other pilots tell them about Scar, a deadly raider. Clark says that they're just machines, but Kat tells him that Starbuck cut the brain out of one of the Raiders. Hot Dog tells them that Scar is the best Raider and has killed many pilots. Baxton wants to know why he's called Scar, but Kat just says that he'll find out. Starbuck tells Kat to take the lead. Kat says that Starbuck needs to keep up and Starbuck responds that Kat shouldn't screw up.

[Back to the present]
Starbuck and Kat fly through an asteroid field. Kat thinks she spots something, but Starbuck can't verify it.

(Caption: 88 hours ago)
As the pilots are gathered in the pilots' lounge drinking, Clark asks Kat how Scar kills an experienced pilot. Kat starts to answer, but Kara picks up the answer as she sits at the next table. She explains that Scar hides behind an asteroid or in a debris field because Scar doesn't come out and fight until the odds are in his favor. He then attacks and then jumps away before return fire can be given. Clark says that Scar sounds like a coward. Helo laughs at the remarks. Starbuck responds that this isn't dueling and that you don't want to fight fair, which is what Scar and she both understand. Starbuck says that that is the reason why she's going to kill him. Kat disagrees. Starbuck calls her a junkie. Kat responds by calling Starbuck a drunk and goes even lower by saying that she's becoming a second Tigh. Kat then bets two hundred and the right to be served the Top Gun mug by Starbuck. Starbuck says that Kat will never drink from it and Kat leaves as the rest of the pilots call out Starbuck's name. Helo has to help Starbuck stand up. Apollo wants her to slow down her drinking. Her response is to grab his bottle and take a swig. The pilots continue chanting her name. She pulls a stunt and ends up going head-over-heels over a table. The pilots laugh at her as she laughs along with them. She then starts to think about her memories of Anders back on Caprica and tears up.

[Back to the present]
Starbuck and Kat fly in the asteroid field. A Raider flies right across Kat's path and she believes that it's Scar. She pursues the Raider with Starbuck flying as her wingman.

The raider and the two Vipers fly past a position in the asteroid field and a scarred Raider is revealed to be hiding there. It takes off after the two Vipers.

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