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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

  • Raiders are reborn just like the humanoid Cylons.
  • Sharon describes the Raiders much the same way Tyrol's Sharon imagined the captured Raider to be: a trained animal with basic consciousness and a survival instinct.
  • Sharon points out the logic of even having Raiders reborn: all their combat experiences are not lost and even their death is a learning experience.
  • Sharon also points out that the repeated deaths are still a painful and thus embittering experience, so it's possible that Cylons could build up a personal grudge with humans who had killed them.

  • 49,593 survivors
  • Neither Baltar nor Six (any model) appear in this episode.

Ships in the episode:
  • Galactica
  • Majahual - Colonial Mining Ship
  • Vipers
  • Cylon Raiders

Unanswered Questions:
  • What was Reilly's girlfriend's name? Was it Cassie as Kat thought?
  • Was Sharon being genuine when she was reminiscing with Kara, or was she trying to play on her sympathies?
  • If the humanoid Cylons and Raiders are reborn, what other elements of Cylon society are reborn? Heavy Raiders? Basestars? Are even the experiences/memories of the newer robotic Cylon models downloaded?
  • What was Lee thinking when he wanted to slow down and talk when Kara was "ready to go?"
  • Has Starbuck faced Scar before? Was Scar the Raider she dueled by the moon when she had been training the nuggets? How many times had the fleet faced Scar?
  • How is the encounter and then the fallout with Starbuck going to affect Lee, especially in light of the events of Black Market not long before this?
  • How was Starbuck, even in her drunken and self-absorbed state, able to accurately analyze Kat's attacks on her as cover for Kat own fear of dying and no one remembering her name? Does Starbuck have the same fear?

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