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Previously (Recap):
Starbuck finds the crashed Cylon Raider.

Tyrol looks over the Raider. Boomer describes it as something to be treated as a pet.

Kat and Tyrol argue on the flight deck.

Starbuck and Apollo realize that Kat has been overdoing the stims.

Kara promises Anders that she'll return to Caprica with a rescue party.

Kara pleads with Adama and Roslin to go back and they say no.

Caption: Colonial Mining Ship: Day 29 of Operations
Starbuck warns Kat that their location is where Beano and Reilly bought it. Kat has to think for a moment and then she recalls the name of Reilly's girlfriend.

Caption: 94 hours ago
Kat and Starbuck pack up Reilly's gear. The pilots try to figure out what Reilly's girlfriend's name is. Another two pilot recruis come into the bunk area and introduce themselves. The other pilots tell them about Scar, a deadly raider. They clue the newbies in to the fact that the Raiders are sentient in some way, thanks to Starbuck's discovery

[Back to the present]
Starbuck and Kat fly through an asteroid field. Kat takes lead.

Caption: 88 hours ago
Pilots talk about Scar in the officers' lounge. They say that it's good at hit and run. Starbuck says that she's going to kill him. Kat disagrees. Starbuck calls her a junkie and she calls Starbuck a drunk. Kat then makes a bet that she'll be the one to take out Scar. Starbuck has a good comeback and Kat leaves. Helo has to help Starbuck stand up. Apollo wants her to slow down. She pulls a stunt and falls. As she lies there, she flashes back to Anders back on Caprica.

[Back to the present]
Starbuck and Kat fly in the asteroid field. Kat spots a Raider and believes that it's Scar. She pursues the Raider with Starbuck flying as her wingman.

The raider and the two Vipers fly past a position and a scarred Raider is hiding. It takes off after the two Vipers.

Act 1:
Kat is focused on the Raider. Kat is sure that she's got him. Starbuck isn't so sure. She decides to check behind them. Just at the last second, she spots Scar, but he scores a hit.

Caption: 81 hours ago
Kat goes over the flight footage of Beano and Reilly. She points out what he did wrong.

In Galactica CIC, President Roslin tells them that they need to continueing mining for eight more days, which will provide enough materials for two new squadrons of vipers. Tigh is concerned about replacing lost pilots.

In the pilots' ready room, Starbuck tells the pilots that they have to protect the mining operations from Raiders. Starbuck describes patrols of four, but Kat points out that Apollo wants patrols of two.

Roslin says that the mining operation is very important to the fleet. Adama and Tigh again voice their concerns about the losses of Vipers and pilots.

Sharon tells Starbuck that Raiders reincarnate and that Scar has done so a dozen times. Sharon then asks how many pilots have been lost. Starbuck's response is that she can almost forget that Sharon is a Cylon and only remember the girl who arrived on Galactica back then. Sharon says she remembers too and starts to cry. She begins to reach out for Kara when the guards raise their weapons. Kara gets up and moves away. Sharon tells her to be careful of Scar, because he's very bitter from his many deaths.

Kara puts one of the nuggets through a training exercise. Kat wants to try it and she bests Starbuck's record.

[Back to the present]
Starbuck is flying her damaged Viper with Scar on her tail. Kat tries to locate her position, but Starbuck wants to take him on alone.

Act 2:
Caption: 42 Hours Ago
Helo spots Kara as she works out. He tells her that Kat is just another hotshot. He brings up Anders. Kara continues to workout as she recalls memories of Anders.

One of the nuggets comes to Starbuck and asks for advice just before he goes out on patrol. Kara says that Scar is no different from every other Raider. She tells him not to run. Kat calls him over. His name is Baxton (call sign BB). She tells him to just stay on Duck's tail and they'll make it out.

Apollo listens to the patrol in Galactica CIC. Duck and BB spot Scar. Duck wants to turn back, but BB goes after him because Starbuck told him to turn and attack. Starbuck is six minutes away and Kat is eight minutes away. BB is taken out.

Jo-Jo climbs out of his Viper and throws up on the hanger deck.

Starbuck sits in her Viper on the hanger deck. Tyrol tells her that she was too far away. Kat comes up and says that it was Starbuck's fault because she told him to turn and attack.

Lee and Kara drink alone in the officers' lounge. They talk about the pilots that have already been lost. Starbuck brings up the future that Roslin says they are fighting for. Apollo says that "bright and shining" is over.

Kara and Lee go at it hot and heavy. She flashes back to Anders during all thiss. He wants her to slow down. She says that she's just after a "good lay." Apollo wants to know what is going on with them. She says that she's hung up on a dead guy. He guesses that it's Anders. He says that she can handle dead guys, just not living ones. She slaps him, then kisses him before walking out.

Kara drinks and watches battle footage of engagements between Vipers and Scar. She finishes off the bottle of alcohol.

Act 3:
[Back to the present]
Kat locates Starbuck and Scar. Starbuck turns and heads right at Scar. Kat tries to call her off

Caption: 3 hours ago
Kara wakes up.

Kara briefs the pilots on how Scar singles them out and attacks before the wingman can come in. News is delivered to Starbuck that Scar took out Jo-Jo twenty minutes ago. Kat wants to know why Snake was flying the mission with Jo-Jo when it was supposed to be Starbuck. She calls out Starbuck's late night of drinking. Starbuck wants the room.

Starbuck wants to know what Kat's problem is. Kat says that Starbuck is an embarrassment. Starbuck says that Kat is riding her because Kat is afraid of Scar and is afraid of being a forgotten picture like Reilly's girlfriend Kat punches Starbuck. Before Starbuck can do anything, Apollo walks in. He wants to know what is going on. Starbuck covers it. He tells them that they are assigned to a patrol together. Kat starts to object and then says "yes sir" and leaves. Apollo asks if Starbuck is okay.

Kat goes to the shrine and puts up the picture of Reilly's girlfriend.

Kat and Starbuck set out on their mission.

Caption: Mining Ship Day 29 of Operations
Starbuck says that they are where Jo-Jo and BB "bought" it. The Raider draws Kat's attention. She pursues. Starbuck decides to check behind them. Scar scores a hit, damaging her Viper. She runs for a while and then turns back and flies straight at Scar. Kat tries to call her off, since Scar isn't going to break off because it's just a machine.

Act 4:
Starbuck and Scar fly at one another. Kat wants her to break off.

Starbuck flashes back to her promise of going back for Anders. She gives him her dog tags to hold until she comes back.

That promise to Anders brings Starbuck around and she breaks off just in time.

She tells Kat that she's going to bring Scar right to Kat.

Kat takes out Scar, who crashes across an asteroid.

The pilots celebrate in the officers' lounge. Kat calls out Starbuck. Starbuck fills up Kat's cup. Kara then turns and names all the dead pilots. No one says a word including Adama and Tigh. Apollo finally steps up and ends it. Adama seconds the toast and they all toast and drink.

Helo and Starbuck work out by sparring. Starbuck says that she could have taken out Scar, but she's not sure if she could have survived. Helo says that she did the right thing by calling in Kat. Starbuck says she did it because she can't stop thinking about Anders. Helo says that she has something to live for now. They then horse around with Helo "taking a fall."

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