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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Act 3:
[Back to the present]
Kat locates Starbuck and Scar. Starbuck makes a quick turn and heads right at Scar. Starbuck says that he's going to have to break off, because she's not going to. Kat pleads with her to break off.

(Caption: 3 hours ago)
Kara struggles to wake up as she lies in her bunk.

Kara briefs the pilots on how in two on two engagements, the Cylon Raiders like to separate the pilots and team up on one before the wingman has a chance to jump in. As she gives the briefing, she takes some aspirin for her hangover. A report is delivered to her during the briefing. Scar took out Jo-Jo twenty minutes ago by taking him out and jumping away in less than fifteen seconds. Kat wants to know why Snake was flying the mission with Jo-Jo when Starbuck was scheduled to take the lead on that patrol. She wants to know if the patrol was too early in the morning. She implies that Starbuck's late night of drinking led to Jo-Jo's death. After a moment, Starbuck wants the room. The other pilots leave the ready room.

Starbuck wants to know what Kat's problem has been since she got back from Caprica. Kat points out that Starbuck showed up late to lead the briefing and sent someone else out on her patrol. Starbuck says that she sent Snake out because she wasn't in any condition to fly. She then decides to recall Kat's bout with popping stims. Kat says that Starbuck is an embarrassment. Kat says that Starbuck used to be the best pilot in the fleet, but now she's just a drunk who is sending others out to get killed. Starbuck says nothing in response, but steps in closer. Kat wants to know if Starbuck is going to hit her. Starbuck says that Kat is afraid most of the time and is afraid of being a forgotten picture like Reilly's girlfriend. Starbuck says that Kat is "riding" her so no one notices how afraid she is of Scar. Kat punches Starbuck. Before Starbuck can do anything, Apollo walks in and Kat moves away from Starbuck. He wants to know what is going on. Starbuck claims that it was a "tactical discussion." He tells them that they are assigned to a patrol together "out by the big spud" with Kat serving as her wingman. Kat starts to object, but then stops. He has a "hunch" that a pair of Raiders will attempt to approach through that area. He says that they go out in forty-nine minutes. Kat says "yes sir" and leaves. Apollo asks if Starbuck is okay.

Kat goes to the shrine for the fleet's loved-ones.

Starbuck preps in her Viper.

Kat finds a spot and puts up the picture of Reilly's girlfriend.

Starbuck puts on her helmet as her Viper cockpit closes.

Kat stands on the hangar deck next to her Viper.

The pinned up picture of Reilly's girlfriend is shown against to ram home Starbuck's observation about Kat's fear.

Kat starts up her Viper.

Starbuck's cockpit shuts as she exhibits a blank stare.

A Viper launches.

(Caption: Colonial Mining Ship; 29 th Day of Operations)
The Majahual continues its mining operations on the asteroid. Starbuck and Kat fly overhead in their Vipers on a patrol. Starbuck warns Kat that they are now where BB and Jo Jo "bought it."

Kat tries to remember the name of Reilly's girlfriend, which she thinks is "Cassie." Starbuck isn't interested in trying to remember.

Just then Kat catches sight of a Raider. She's sure it's Scar and takes off after him.

Scar leaves his hiding place and moves toward the two Vipers.

As Kat chases and tries to engage the Raider, Starbuck isn't so sure. She flashes back, seeing the other pilots. Starbuck checks her blind spots and finds Scar flying at her. Scar scores a hit, damaging her Viper. She runs for a while ducking down behind an asteroid. Starbuck flashes back to her drunkenness.

Kat reports that she's "fifteen out."

Starbuck then turns around decides to play chicken with Scar. She starts firing.

Kat tries to call her off, since Scar isn't going to break off because it's just a machine.

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