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Season 2.5 Episode Summaries:

Act 2:
(Caption: 42 Hours Ago)
Helo spots for Kara as she bench-presses free weights in the gym. He tells Kara that she doesn't need to push herself so hard because Kat is just another hotshot like Kara was like before she met Anders. He asks her if she thinks about Anders and she says that there's no point because he's dead. However, she flashes back to Caprica. Helo wants to know why she made the promise of bringing a rescue party back to Caprica if she thought he didn't have a chance to survive. She doesn't have an answer for Helo as she remembers giving Anders her dogtags as a promise that she'd be back for him.

Kara is in the pilots' locker-room freshening up at the sink. Kat can be seen lurking nearby. BB comes up and asks her for advice about encountering Scar. Kara says that Scar is no different from every other Raider. She tells him not to run or he'll die. Kat, who has been listening nearby, calls BB over. She indicates that he's flying with Duck and asks him for his name. She tells him that Duck is one of their best pilots and to stay by him. She says that he should do what Duck says and keep the Raiders away from the miners. She tries to encourage him as he leaves.

As Starbuck goes to leave the locker-room, Kate stops her. She tells Kara that he needed more than a textbook reminder. Kara retorts that he is a qualified pilot and if she were to ground him, then they would be short of pilots. She leaves it up to Kat, who doesn't answer.

In Galactica CIC, Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh listen as Starbuck reports that she is returning to base. Duck and BB spot four Raiders hiding behind an asteroid. Apollo can be seen monitor the wireless alone in the ready room (?). Duck decides that they are too low on fuel to take on the Raiders and says that they leave. BB disagrees, citing what Starbuck told him about never running away. Duck attempts to convince BB. Apollo verbally vents his frustration at BB's decision. Duck calls for help. Apollo answers (to no one) that Duck is on his own because everyone is too far away. Starbuck reports that she is six minutes away and Kat says that she is eight minutes away. BB reports that there are only six, screams and then his transmission goes dead as Apollo sits down.

Jo-Jo climbs out of his Viper and throws up on the hanger deck. Members of the deck gang try to console him.

Nearby, Starbuck sits in her Viper on the hanger deck. Tyrol walks up as part of landing routine. As she signs off on the shutdown checklist that he has just handed her, Tyrol tells her that she was too far away. He walks off and Kat walks up. Starbuck wants to know what happened with BB. Kat answers that he was doing exactly what she had told him to do. Even though he was low on fuel, BB turned and attacked. Scar then got him. Starbuck wonders why he tried to take on Scar by himself. Kat quotes what Starbuck had told BB about what would happen if he ran. Starbuck climbs out of her Viper and gets in Kat's face. She says that they "both know that 99 percent of the time that it's the right move." Kat says simply replies that it wasn't the right move this time and walks off.

Lee and Kara drink alone in the officers' lounge. Lee says that he won't remember BB's face in two weeks and that he can't remember any of them. Kara says that she can't even remember their names. Lee decides to start naming them: Flat Top and Chuckles. He stops because Kara mocks him. Kara brings up the "bright and shiny future on Earth" that Roslin says they are fighting for. Kara says that they will never see it because they keep going out on missions and one day a Cylon is going to get the better of them. Lee says that "bright shiny futures are over-rated." Kara says that that's why they should get what they can "right now." The two then drink to that statement. She then basically propositions Lee. He wonders what she means and she leans over and kisses him.

Kara and Lee have moved to some place more private: the pilots' bunk room. Kara is being extremely aggressive. Flashbacks of her and Anders going at it cut in repeatedly. Lee wants her to slow down. Lee finally breaks in and wants to know what is up with Kara's behavior. This breaks the mood for Kara, who pushes Lee away. He wants to know what is going on with them. She says that there is no "us," and that she "just wanted a good lay," Lee still doesn't let up and attempts to sit next to her. She says that she's hung up on a dead guy and that's confusing her. He guesses that it's Anders. He says that she can handle dead guys, just not living ones. She slaps him, then gives him a long kiss before grabbing her bottle and walking out.

Kara drinks and watches battle footage of engagements between Vipers and Scar in the asteroid field. She finishes off the bottle of alcohol.

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