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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Sometimes a Great Notion
Episode Number: 411
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 1/16/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
Kara and Leoben trace the signal through the woods and find the transponder , which Kara recognizes as of colonial origin. Nearby, Leoben finds a chunk of wreckage and reads off the call letters '757NC'. Kara immediately gets a look of concern on her face and walks away from the wreckage. Leoben wants to know what's wrong. Kara says that her ship had the same call letters.

Athena and Helo horseplay with Hera, as Dee lets herself in. Helo thanks Dee who says that she looks forward to "this." They leave as Dee stays to babysit Hera. Dee says to Hera, "You have no idea what happened. Today is just another day."

Tyrol looks around the planet.

Nearby, an Eight, a Six and some humans have set up an archeological dig. They find an old-style Centurion.

In a lab, Baltar and a Six report that they found two old-style Centurions that don't match any models that they've had. Roslin and Lee guess that the Cylons rose up and killed their masters just as in the colonies Baltar and the Six report that all 250 skeletal remains from four different locations have turned out to be Cylon. Baltar points out that the thirteenth tribe was Cylon. Tigh adds that the thirteenth tribe came to the planet and called it Earth.

As Roslin and Adama leave, Lee says that they have to tell the Quorum and fleet something. Roslin just looks at him for a moment and then walks off without saying a word. Adama's then says "carry the ball" and he walks away.

As Adama passes Tigh, Tigh says that they need to talk but Adama keeps going without even acknowledging him.

Tyrol wanders around the planet. He notices a shadow burned into the ruins.

Flashback #1:
Tyrol, wearing glasses, walks around a city market. Suddenly, there is a flash and Tyrol instinctively puts his hand up in front of his eyes.

Back on Earth in the present, Tyrol falls away from the ruin and to the ground.

On the planet, Kara wonders that if she finds her ship, who flew it back to the fleet. Leoben says she doesn't have to go, but Kara wants to know and wonders why Leoben, who always said to face your fears has changed his tune. Leoben says that he has a bad feeling and that they won't like what they find. Kara asks, "Who? Me or you?

Dee walks in to find Lee in deep thought in the Pilots' Ready Room. She wants to know what he's doing. He says that he's thinking about all the pilots that gave their lives with the hope of finding Earth. Dee says that he behaved the same way when his father told him to keep the fleet going. Lee points out that they had some good times on the Pegasus. Dee says that he did it. Lee says they did it because she played a part. She says he did it and will again without her. Lee points out that he doesn't know how to spin it to the Quorum. Dee tells him not to and says that if anyone can give the fleet a reason to go on, "it's Apollo." After they hold hands for a moment, he then starts to leave before turning back to her. He stutters his way through asking Dee if she'd join him for a drink.

On the planet, Kara spots something in a field. She goes toward it, while Leoben hangs back. Kara finds that it's the cockpit of a Viper. She starts to struggle with it and demands that Leoben help. He finally comes up and they pull the cockpit right side up to find a body still seated in the cockpit. Kara pushes the helmet back to find a corpse with blonde hair. After suppressing a gag, she reaches down and pulls off the dog tag.

Leoben comes close to look at it and then immediately backs away.

We see a close-up of the charred dog tag that is Kara's as she asks Leoben if he has an explanation.

Leoben responds that he doesn't have an explanation and that he was wrong about Earth.

Kara then brings up the hybrid's message about being a harbinger of death and that she would "lead us all to our end." Leoben's response is, "she told you that?" Kara wants to know if it's true. Leoben doesn't answer

Kara looks at the cockpit and wants to know if that's her body, then what is she?

Leoben backs away further and moves away from Kara altogether.

Kara stands there crying out, "What am I?"


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