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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Sometimes a Great Notion
Episode Number: 411
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 1/16/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Lee stands next to Dee's body in Galactica 's morgue. He's still wearing his wedding ring as he takes her hand. Adama walks in and stands by her head. Lee says that she kissed him goodnight forty-five minutes and had joy in her eyes, so would she do it. Adama, clearly drunk, says that he doesn't know and then offers Lee the bottle. Lee turns it down and then leaves.

Lee walks out of the morgue and past Gaeta, who is sitting outside.

Adama picks up the sheet and looks at Dee and wants to know what he did and how he left everyone down.

In the corridor, Adama asks a marine for his firearm and wants it loaded. He takes the firearm in hand and then walks through the corridors past a fight and an assortment of people, who looks stunned or lost as they mill around or sit along the corridor.

Tigh is in his quarters when someone bangs on the door.

Tigh goes to the door and opens it. It's Adama who strides in. Tigh closes it behind him.

Adama pulls out Tigh's firearm and bottle of alcohol out of a locker. He goes over to the desk, pushes its contents to the floor and tosses Tigh's firearm on it. Adama says that it's time that they have that talk. Tigh notices that Adama's already drunk. They sit across from each other at the desk. Tigh fingers the drink poured for him, but doesn't drink it. He tells Adama that he's really sorry for not telling him when he first found out. Adama is clearly angry, calls him 'Cylon' and tells him to shut up. Adama calls him a machine. Adama wants to know if Tigh was programmed to be his friend, to tell jokes and laugh at them. Tigh says that he was Adama's friend because he chose to be. Adama's baiting him and Tigh isn't biting. Then Adama notices a picture of Ellen. He picks it up and says that she was smarter than him. Tigh tells him not to "go there." Adama continues. He says that she knew there was something wrong with Tigh and that's why she slept with half the fleet. She was looking for a real man to satisfy her. Now Tigh is getting upset and tells Adama to shut up. Adama continues by saying that one time Ellen came up to him like she was in heat and she smelled so good. Tigh grabs the gun, stands up and points it at Adama and again tells him to shut up. Adama presses his forehead against the barrel and yells at Tigh to "Do it!" He then pulls out the firearm he got from the Marine, points it at his temple and says, "Do it, or I will."


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