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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Sometimes a Great Notion
Episode Number: 411
Written by: David Weddle & Bradley Thompson
Directed by: Michael Nankin
Original Air Date: 1/16/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
Anders wanders the ruins. He digs out a guitar neck. He is compelled to sing a few bars of "All Along the Watchtower" before he throws the guitar neck back down and runs off.

Anders finds Tyrol still sitting by the ruins with the shadow burned into it. Anders wants to know if Tyrol remembers anything. Tyrol says that he used to live there. Anders says that he did too. Anders points out that he played the song that switched them on. He played it for a woman he loved.

Tory walks up and says that he played it for all of them.

Tyrol points to the shadow on the ruin and says that that was him and that they all died in a holocaust.

Anders wants to know how they died two thousand years ago, but ended up in the colonies thinking they were human. Tory and Tyrol have no answer.

Adama finds Roslin sitting on the floor of his quarters. He says that they have to do something because morale has gone "down the toilet." He finds that she's burning the Book of Pythia. Adama says that Cottle told him that she missed her cancer treatment. He wants to know why. She says that she didn't feel like it. He assumes that she plans to reschedule and she says that she isn't planning to. She says that she doesn't need it. He can't believe that she's just going to "lie down and quit" and then adds that she's the one who made him believe in it in the first place. Roslin says that she was wrong. She also says that he should have stayed and held his ground when the Cylons first attacked because she was wrong then and wrong now. She says that all the people that followed her and trusted her are dead. He tries to comfort her, but she doesn't want him to touch her. She starts to cry as she asks him to go. He leaves her alone as she continues to burn the Book of Pythia.

Darkness is falling on Earth as Kara piles up the Viper wreckage. She throws the corpse on top. She watches the wreckage and body burn in a bonfire.

Dee and Lee walk down a corridor. She asks him to say it again. He says that she's heard it three times already, but she insists. He recounts the end of his speech to the Quorum in which he said that they are done picking at the crumbs of the thirteenth colony and searching for Earth and are now free to go where they want to go and be who they want to be. They stop in front of the officers' bunk. Dee says that she just had the best time in a long time. They kiss and Dee goes inside.

Gaeta is scratching at his stump as Dee walks in and up to her locker. She hums and Gaeta stares. He points out that she's glowing. He says that he can't think about anything but the planet. She says that she wants to hold on her the happiness she has at the moment. She looks at the picture of herself as a young girl as she hums and takes her jewelry off. Gaeta leaves the quarters as Dee watches him leave in the mirror. Dee takes her ring off, stops humming and smiling, abruptly grabs a firearm from her locker, puts it to her temple and pulls the trigger.

Outside, Gaeta turns around when he hears the shot.

Seelix runs into the quarters.

Seelix reaches Dee first. Gaeta follows. Seelix cries out, "No" and then starts sobbing. Gaeta says that she'll be ok and then calls for a medic as they both kneel by Dee.


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