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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Blood on the Scales
Episode Number: 414
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 2/6/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
(Caption: 1116 HRS - Flight Deck)
Colonial One lands on the flight deck.

Zarek tells Racetrack a joke as he leaves the flight deck with Racetrack, Narcho, Kelly and an escort.

(Caption: 1118 HRS)
Roslin tries to use the wireless in the Raptor sitting on the baseship, but all she gets is static.

Tigh is in the brig with Hera, Anders, Athena, Caprica Six and Helo, who is still unconscious. Anders wonders what Gaeta has in mind. Tigh guesses that in Anders case, Gaeta will cut his leg off.

In Adama's quarters, Gaeta and Zarek talk. Gaeta wants to know why Zarek brought the whole Quorum since he had things under control. Zarek says that the Quorum wants a trial. Gaeta says that they have to take care of things before people can move on and that means dealing with Adama. Zarek tells him that he always want to do the right thing. Gaeta says that he thought that "we" want to do the right thing which Zarek plays off..

(Caption: 1131 HRS - Deck D CORRIDOR 2
Tyrol takes cover just as Lampkin is escorted down the corridor.

(Caption: 1148 HRS - ADMIRAL'S QUARTERS)
Zarek explains that Adama is being tried for treason and the penalty is death by firing squad. He refers to Gaeta as Commander, which makes Adama laugh. Zarek;s telling Lampkin that Adama is entitled to a lawyer when he faces his chargers, chargers whose punishment is death by firing squad. Lampkin realizes that he has little choice but to play along or he'll be killed. Lampkin finds out that Gaeta is representing the people and Zarek will be judge. Adama starts baiting Gaeta. Lampkin interrupts and asks for some time to speak to his client. Zarek leaves. Gaeta holds Adama's admiral's pins and then he finally leaves.

As Roslin still tries to raise someone on the wireless, a Six and Tory talk. The Six says that the fleet has scattered and they are being invited to be attacked. Tory says that they should all talk. A Leoben watches and listens.

Tyrol pulls a vent away in a corridor to reveal and opening.

(Caption: 1222 HRS - Colonial One)
Zarek addresses the Quorum. He says that the world has been turned upside down and that Gaeta said those words. He says that he brought the Quorum there so that Gaeta can see people who are willing to voice their dissent and support their President. One of the members of the Quorum tells Zarek that he should leave and calls him, "Mr. Vice President." Zarek sighs and leaves the meeting room.

Outside the meeting room, Zarek sighs again and tells the two guards to "shoot them." The guards walk into the meeting room and he moves further down the corridor where Kelly is waiting. He tells Kelly to get Gaeta. Kelly starts to walk away when gunfire and screaming is heard. He stops for a moment to listen and appears to nearly wince before continuing down the corridor.


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