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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Blood on the Scales
Episode Number: 414
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 2/6/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Kara braces a wounded Anders. There's a lot of chatter between them all. Caprica Six has Hera and says that she can take care of herself, although Helo presumably goes with her because of his concussion. Lee wants Tight to help move Anders. Lee goes to help Kara with Anders. Tigh wants Lee take Anders to Baltar's people. Kara tells Lee to go after his father. Finally, Lee moves out with Athena and Tigh, leaving Kara and Anders behind.

(Caption: 1342 HRS)
Gaeta and Adama argue. Lampkin raises an objection which Zarek ignores. Gaeta says that he gave aid and comfort to the Cylons. Adama says that the Cylons gave him aid and comfort not the other way around. The phone rings and Zarek answers. He's told that Tigh and the other "skinjobs" escaped. Zarek hangs up and tells everyone in the room that Tigh has been killed. Gaeta says I'm sorry about Tigh, but Tigh was a Cylon and Adama let him stay on duty when Tigh was found to be a Cylon. Adama says that he won't answer any more questions. Zarek declares Adama guilty. Lampkin says that it's not a trial, but an "asylum." Zarek grabs Lampkin, but is interrupted by Roslin broadcasting to the fleet. Roslin says that Gaeta seized the Galactica by force and that the Cylons will not hurt them. She then encourages the fleet to support her by shutting down their FTL drives. Zarek wants Hoshi brought up to CIC and for Roslin's signal to be jammed. Roslin finally stops talking.

On the basestar, Roslin says that they weren't able to jam her signal. Leoben holds a device and says that he thought it would work.

Kara struggles to move Anders. Lampkin and his escort walk in. The guard orders Kara to show her weapon. Lampkin pulls a pen out of his sleeve. Kara raises her weapon and tries to fire, but the gun is empty. Lampkin suddenly attacks the guard, stabbing him in the neck several times. The guard falls, bleeding out. Lampkin grabs a weapon and starts to leave. Kara pleads with him to help her get Anders to Cottle. Lampkin says that he and the guard were shot at twice, once by the guard's own people. She tells him that Anders is going to die. He starts to leave as Kara struggles more and then he stops, having second thoughts. He moves back toward Kara.

(Caption: 1435 HRS - CIC)
Gage reports that ten ships took their FTL drives offline. Gaeta says that they now know who is trouble. Gaeta orders Narcho to gather ten men for an execution squad that he can trust and secure the main hangar deck launch tube.

(Caption: 1447 HRS)
Adama is escorted down the hall with Kelly trailing the guard. Kelly suddenly drops off.

Kelly looks down a another corridor and walks into the memorial corridor, sits down and cries.

Lee cuts the power on a corridor and he, Tigh and Athena run toward gunfire.

Lee runs into the memorial corridor, grabs Kelly and wants to know where Adama is. Kelly tells him that he's in the main hangar deck launch tube. They leave. Kelly says he's coming too.

Adama stands bound and blindfolded in the launch tube. Gaeta orders the firing squad, "Ready. Aim. Fire." Adama falls.

Baltar wakes up from his dream. He says that they are going to shoot Adama. He's in bed with the Six. She says that he was dreaming and she couldn't wake him. She starts to kiss him, but Baltar says that's it wrong. He asks her to stop. She says that she's just trying to make him feel better. Baltar says to cut off his legs and that ran again. She says that fear makes people react differently. He says that he didn't run out of fear, but to get away from his followers, who he privately scorns. He says that he has to go back to Galactica, because they are his responsibility. He then apologizes to the Six.

(Caption: 1503 HRS - HANGAR DECK)
Adama is seating in a chair as Narcho and his trusted men guard him.

(Caption: 1524 HRS - REBEL BASESHIP)
Roslin gets on the wireless and broadcasts an ultimatum from President Roslin to the mutineers on Galactica . She says that they have five minutes to turn over Adama and surrender.

Zarek listens in CIC.

Gaeta walks into Adama's quarters. He picks up the pins and holds them a moment. He throws him back on the desk and then gets on the wireless. He orders tells Narcho to execute Adama.

Narcho answers, "yes, sir" and it's revealed that Tigh has a gun pointed at his head as Lee unties and hugs his father. Adama says that he was told that Tigh was dead. Tigh says that he thought he was. Adama walks up to the now kneeling firing squad and tells them that he's going to take back his ship. He looks over at Narcho, who says that he always respected Adama, but he hates the Cylons and won't take orders from anyone who won't fight them. Tigh raises his weapon, but Adama tells him to stand down. He orders them tied up.

Gaeta scratches at his stump. He gets up and hobbles out.

Tyrol crawls down a vent.

Zarek gets on the wireless. He says, "this is the President of the Twelve Colonies" and tells Roslin that Tigh was killed and Adama was tried, found guilty and executed for his crimes. He then tells Roslin to surrender for the good of the fleet as Gaeta walks into CIC.

Roslin says, "No. Not now. Not ever." She says that she's going to use every last weapon and bit of ammunition she has at her disposal in an effort "to end you." She says that she's "coming for all of you."

We see the baseship and then Galactica with part of the fleet.

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