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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Blood on the Scales
Episode Number: 414
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 2/6/09 on SciFi Channel

(Caption: 1041 HRS)
Gage tells Narcho to engage and take out the Raptor.

Lt. Kelly is leading the fire team. They walk into the airlock and capture the stunned Adama and Tigh. Tigh recognizes him and calls him a brig rat.

Narcho tells Hot Dog to engage.

Hot Dog wants the Raptor to identify.

Narcho tells Hot Dog to engage.

Hot Dog reports that he's waiting for the Raptor to identify itself.

Roslin gets on the wireless and says that she's on board.

Gaeta orders Roslin's signal jammed.

Hot Dog doesn't want to fire on the Raptor. Gaeta gets on the wireless and orders him to fire and he still doesn't.

Narcho finally just moves into position ahead of Hot Dog and fires his two missiles. The pilot Eight manages to pull the Raptor up in time so that the missiles miss. One impacts the baseship..

Gage reports that the missiles missed the target and the Raptor reached the baseship.

Kelly reports to Gaeta that he has Tigh and Adama. Gaeta orders him to take Tigh to the brig with the other Cylons and bring Adama to CIC.

(Caption: 1050 HRS)
On the baseship's bridge, an Eight, Six and Leoben want to know why they are under attack from a Viper. Roslin tells them that the Viper was firing at her. They want to know what she did. The Eight that piloted the Raptor says, "their government has lost control." Roslin says that they have not lost control. Baltar then points out that "Adama is a fugitive, Gaeta has an army and Zarek has control of Colonial One." Tory can be seen as Roslin says, "Adama is free." Baltar points out that they last saw him "cornered in an airlock with Colonel Tigh." Leoben figures, "if he was forced to escape, Gaeta and Zarek must have substantial support." Roslin counters, "They don't. In fact, we're here because a pilot refused to shoot us down." She then wants the pilot Eight to confirm what she said. The Eight agrees and then adds, "but the other pilot had no qualms about shooting down the President of the colonies." Tory says, "It's not safe. We have to jump." Roslin says, "No," but the Six agrees. Leoben then asks about Anders, Tyrol and Tigh. Roslin answers, "If you jump, you'll never see them again. If you stay put, you give Adama a chance to save them." She continues, "Put your ship in the middle of the fleet. Use the fleet for cover. Give Adama some time." Tory starts to ask something, but Roslin cuts her off with "Gaeta won't jeopardize the fleet. He doesn't have the guts. Now, come on. Do it." Baltar looks down and shakes his head.

Kelly leads Adama to CIC. Gaeta figured that Adama wouldn't be on the Raptor. Adama says that he cares too much for the ship. Gaeta counters that if he would only care for the people on it. Gaeta wants Adama to tell Roslin to come back to Galactica and surrender. He calls Adama admiral. He tells Gaeta that he's the Admiral now and that he can call Roslin himself and "make her laugh." Adama takes off his Admiral's pins and lays them on the console. Gaeta orders battlestations in preparation for attacking the basehip. Gage interrupts. Gaeta looks at the dradis and realized that the baseship is moving into the fleet. He orders Vipers to "quarantine" the baseship. He then tells Kelly to make ready for Zarek's arrival. Adama asks Gaeta if he's going to shoot him now.


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