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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Blood on the Scales
Episode Number: 414
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 2/6/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
(Caption: 1528 HRS)
Gaeta says that they have a military leader and president all in one. Zarek wants to know how he would have answered her. Gage reports that the Cylon baseship is arming itself. Gaeta orders preparation for jump. Gaeta decides that there has been enough killing and that they are leaving them behind.

Adama leads a group of people down the corridor.

Tyrol gets into the engine room.

Adama leads more people down the corridor.

Tyrol moves further into the engine room.

Roslin orders Galactica to surrender as Adama leads an ever-growing number of people.

Tyrol struggles to pulls a part.

Gage starts the FTL countdown.

Just before the jump countdown ends, Tyrol pulls the part.

Gage reports that the FTL went offline. Zarek wants a team to go down there. He wants Gaeta to launch fighters. Zareks says that they have to defend. Gaeta mutters that, "one day soon there will be a reckoning." Gage reports the batteries have weapons lock. Zarek wants Gaeta to "wake up." Gaeta just looks at him for a moment and finally orders weapons hold.

Adama wants a weapon.

A disturbance can be heard outside of CIC and then Adama, followed by Lee, Kelly, and a host of others walks in. Adama gets on the wireless and tells Roslin to stand down.

Roslin is stunned to hear Adama.

Adama looks at Zarek, who realizes it's over and nods. He's led out. Gaeta and Adama look at each other and then Gaeta is led out by Kelly.
(Caption: 1532 HRS)
Adama is back in command.

Down in the engine room, Tyrol notices a large crack.

Roslin climbs down the stairs and she and Adama have a pleasant reunion.

Baltar listens to Gaeta talk in the brig. Gaeta talks about being interested in architecture ("restaurants shaped like food" and "everything had to have a stairway"), then medicine, then engineering, then photography and finally science. Baltar tries to speak, but Gaeta doesn't want him to start up and certainly don't talk about religion. Gaeta says that he's "fine" with how things have worked out. He pauses to scratch his stump. He then says that he just hopes people know who he is and Baltar says that he knows who Gaeta is.

Zarek and Gaeta sit in the launch tube before Adama's firing squad. Gaeta is resolute. Zarek doesn't seem so much, but a shared look between them seems to steel Zarek. Adama orders the firing squad to "Ready." Baltar can be seen watching. Adama says, "Aim" as Lee is also seen. Gaeta then says that it [the itch] stopped. Adama says, "Fire" and the squad fires.

Fade to black.

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