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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Blood on the Scales
Episode Number: 414
Written by: Michael Angeli
Directed by: Wayne Rose
Original Air Date: 2/6/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
(Caption: 1245 HRS)
Gaeta surveys the meeting room on Colonial One littered with the now dead Quorum. Gaeta tells Zarek that he didn't sign up for "murder." Zarek says that it's a coup that Gaeta started. He says that its about destroyed their enemies before their enemies destroy them. Gaeta says that shooting the Quorum is a lie when they had the truth on their side, but now they don't. Zarek says the truth is told by those left standing. He says that "Adama has to go. There's no turning back."

Tyrol struggles to craw down a vent.

(Caption: 1258 HRS - REBEL BASESHIP)
Tory tells Roslin that it was a difficult choice, but that they have decided to jump away. Roslin is surprised that Tory doesn't have "a broader vision." A Six says that Gaeta will airlock them all including Adama. When Adama is mentioned, Roslin interrupts. She says that they've been through so much already and survived and especially Adama, who she says is alive and will lead them again. She's bordering on denial, but then she calls them out and asks them who they want to be. The Leoben seems to nod in agreement.

(Caption: 1305 HRS - MUNITIONS LOCKER)
Tyrol crawls out to find Kelly waiting for him. He tells Kelly to shoot him because he's too tired. Kelly tells him that he's a machine. Tyrol notes that Kelly was let out of the brig. Kelly talks about the Galactica having been a great ship. He then notes that Tyrol's kid isn't a Cylon. After a moment's though, Kelly tells Tyrol to go and Tyrol crawls back into the vent..

Adama refuses to sign the statement for Lampkin, who wants him to state his innocence for the rdcord. Adama says that he won't sign a statement because Gaeta and Zarek are going to fail. Lampkin drops his voice and says he knows Adama has men moving about and suggests that playing along with the trial will buy them some time. The guards walk up and Lampkin says that they've been ready to "proceed" for some time.

Kara drops a mutineer in the bathroom and then hands his weapon to Lee who is nearby.

On the baseship, Baltar has his head down. A Six asks him if he's injured. He says something the world is broken. The Six is wearing some white robe. He and then Six then gaze at each other.

Kara and Lee encounter some mutineers. Lee tosses a grenade and then steps out and starts firing. Kara fires for a moment as well before getting back behind cover. Lee walks up, picks up the grenade and says he never pulled the pin. Kara doesn't find it funny. Lee says that it would have been if she had thought of it. She still doesn't think it was funny.

Lee and Kara open up the cell and let Tigh, Caprica Six, Anders, Helo, Hera and Athena out of the brig. Lee wants to know where Adama is and Tigh says that Kelly took him, but he doesn't know where. They start to move out. Kara and Anders pick over the guards for weapons and ammo. A mutineer appears and opens fire. Kara takes him out, but not before Anders is shot. Anders staggers around and then falls against some storage bins in the corridor. Kara grabs him. The others started to circle back at the sound of the gunfire.


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