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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: No Exit
Episode Number: 415
Written by: Ryan Mottesheard
Directed by: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Original Air Date: 2/13/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
(Caption: Ten Months Ago)
Ellen sees video of the Temple of the Five. Ellen calls it the Temple of Hopes and says that it was built by the thirteenth tribe when it left Kobol. They prayed there and then found their way to Earth. He says that the exploding star caused a Three to see the Final Five's faces, so he boxed the line. Ellen points out that boxing isn't permanent and can be undone unlike the Sevens. Cavil accuses them of orchestrating the parlor trick to reveal their identities, so he had no choice. Boomer listens to this intently. Ellen says that Three seeing them had to have been orchestrated by the one true god because all they had done was retrace the thirteenth tribes steps. Cavil counters with a story of going to see a supernova. He says it was grand, but then rants about being limited in what he could experience because of his weak, frail human body. Ellen says that they tried to make him as human as possible. He rants about the limitations some more including a comment about the Five thinking that god would have wanted him made in humanoid form. He then storms off. Boomer wants to know if she feels remorse. Ellen counters that the models were given free will, compassion and love. Boomer says, "love? Humans? Who would I want to love?"

Outside sickbay, Tyrol, Tigh and Tory argue. Tigh says that it is their fault because they made the skinjobs. Tyrol counters that they ended the war. Tory points out that the humans made them back on Kobol. Tigh decides that they share the guilt with the humans.

Inside sickbay, Cottle and Dr. Gerard explain that the bullet is near several arteries. Anders' seizure was caused by a small "squirt" of blood. Kara wants them to take the bullet out, which Dr. Gerard says that they have a chance to do because the swelling has gone down. Anders wants to know if he can lose memories and Gerard says that it's possible. Anders begs for a chance to tell the others what he remembers as he descends into gibberish. Gerard explains that the gibberish is a side affect of the bullet. Cottle gives Kara the choice as Anders' wife. Anders begs her to give him time to tell the other the rest of what he remembers. After a moment, Kara tells Cottle to prep for surgery. She tells Anders that he has until they "knock him out." Cottle wheels Anders away..

(Caption: Four Months Ago)
The hub blows up.

Cavil wakes Ellen with a drink. After some silence, Ellen realizes that something happened. Cavil says that the resurrection hub was destroyed and that they can't reproduce. He asks her for help to rebuild resurrection. She says that she needs all five of them. Cavil thinks she's holding out on him because he doesn't buy into her "orthodoxy" He tells Boomer that her "precious" Final Five don't care about their creations. Boomer begs her to tell them. Ellen again says she can't. Cavil then threatens to cut her head open. He then says that he can stimulate the brain to reveal her deepest memories, fears, guilts and "recipe for life everlasting."


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