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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: No Exit
Episode Number: 415
Written by: Ryan Mottesheard
Directed by: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Original Air Date: 2/13/09 on SciFi Channel

  • The humans on Kobol created the original Cylons as well as resurrection technology.
  • The original Cylons, the 13 th tribe, began to procreate and forgot how to resurrect.
  • The 13 th tribe, the Cylons, built the Temple of Hopes. They prayed there and then went on to find Earth. The Temple of Hopes became known as the Temple of Five.
  • Anders, Tigh, Tory, Tyrol and Ellen all worked at the same medical facility. Tigh and Ellen were married even then. Tory and Tyrol lived together and were planning to get married.
  • The Final Five worked on rediscovering resurrection. Ellen is the one that made the breakthrough.
  • The Final Five had an idea that the holocaust was coming on Earth and had left a ship in orbit. When they were killed, they downloaded to the ship.
  • The Final Five then set out for the twelve colonies to warn them, but since they did not have FTL, it took two thousand years to reach the colonies. Their speed was relative however, so time passed slowly for them.
  • On their way to the colonies, the Final Five stopped at the Temple of Hopes.
  • The Final Five arrived at the colonies after the Cylon War had already broken out.
  • When the Final Five arrived, the Centurions were already experimenting with organic bodies They had created hybrids, but fully humanoid specimens did not survive.
  • The Centurions had the idea of a one true god.
  • The Final Five offered to help the Cylons create humanoid models, but only if they stopped the war. This explains why the Cylons abruptly agreed to an armistice and disappeared.
  • The Final Five made Eight models, each with its own personality. They also decided to take the Centurions' one true god and give the humanoid models a strong inclination toward that faith.
  • John Cavil was the first model. Ellen designed him after her father, but she speaks of him as being a child or child-like..
  • Number Seven was named Daniel. He was an artist. Cavil grew jealous because Ellen grew close to Daniel. Cavil killed off the model.
  • Cavil ended up rebelling against the Final Five. He killed them and then blocked their true memories and implanted false ones when they resurrected. They were then boxed and Cavil gradually introduced them to the colonies. Tigh was first just after the war, then followed by Ellen.
  • Presumably, Cavil also blocked the memories of the Final Five in the other six models.
  • Twenty years ago Cavil removed the subroutine that made him sleepy so he hasn't slept since.
  • Cavil kept himself near the Final Five during the attacks:
    • He got Ellen onto a ship so she escaped the attacks.
    • He hooked up with Anders' resistance movement.
    • He took Tyrol's confessions and convinced him that his thoughts of being a Cylon were just guilt.
    • He tortured Tigh on New Caprica, took his eye and yet let him go instead of executing him.
    • He also slept with Ellen and got her to betray the resistance.
  • Cavil orchestrated their survival through the attacks so that they would die at the hands of humans, resurrect and presumably tell him that he was right.
  • Ellen showed compassion and respect toward the Centurions. This echoes Natalie's decision to allow the Centurions to make decisions for themselves as well as Baltar's conversation with a Centurion in which he treats it as capable of reasoning.
  • Cavil believed that the Final Five staged the events that allowed D'Anna to see them and learn their identities. However, Ellen says that they had nothing to do with it. She makes a comment about the one true god, but she might not be sincere with that part of the comment.
  • The Final Five resurrected twice: once after dying on Earth and then after being killed by Cavil. Ellen also resurrected a third time after being poisoned by Tigh on New Caprica.
  • Boomer remained with Cavil after the destruction of the Resurrection Ship.
  • When Boomer asks Ellen who she could love, Tyrol was shown next in what might have been foreshadowing of their reunion and perhaps rekindling their relationship.
  • In his pursuit of self-preservation, Cavil was willing to literally cut open Ellen, his creator, in order to find out how to rebuild resurrection.
  • Boomer not only helped Ellen escape, but went herself presumably turning her back on Cavil.
  • Cavil will presumably pursue Ellen and Boomer in order to learn how to rebuild resurrection. Presuming that Ellen returns to the fleet, this storyline will again bring the Cavil's faction of the Cylons into conflict with the fleet again.
  • Boomer is presumably going to take Ellen back to the fleet.
  • Lee wants to reform the Quorum with representation based on ships rather than colonies.
  • Roslin does not wish to resume her duties as President and approves of Lee taking over.
  • Caprica Six is staying in Tigh's quarters and apparently has been for some time.
  • The bullet was removed from Anders' brain, but he is not registering any brain activity after the surgery.
  • Tyrol has discovered micro fractures throughout Galactica . He wants to use a Cylon organic resin to repair the problems. Adama resists not only the resin, but the use of Cylon repair crews until he discovers a crack in his own quarters.
  • Four months have passed since the destruction of the Resurrection Hub.

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