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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: No Exit
Episode Number: 415
Written by: Ryan Mottesheard
Directed by: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Original Air Date: 2/13/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
Anders says that Cavil was the first model made and that he helped them make the rest. The Centurions had a belief in a single god and they thought that if the Cylons embraced that, things would be different. Cavil rejected mercy, however, and killed them. When they resurrected, Cavil blocked their memories and implanted them with new memories. He also boxed them for a while and gradually introduced them into the colonies. Tigh was first, followed by Ellen. Ishay interrupts. Kara asks about the Seventh model. Anders says he was named Daniel, but he died. Cottle says that it's time. Anders tells Tigh to stay with the fleet because the miracle is about to happen. Anders then pleads with Kara to stand up for him like he did on the Demetrius. He says that she owes him.

Tigh arrives in his quarters and wakes Caprica Six. He wonders where the booze is. She says that they got rid of it weeks ago. She asks about what Anders had to say. He sits down and tells her that Anders didn't get to finish before they took him away. Just then, Caprica Six says that their baby kicked today. Tigh says that he doesn't feel anything. She says that he'll do it again. Tigh gets all soft and wistful about their child and then is interrupted by the baby kicking.

(Caption: Two Days Ago)
Ellen draws a picture of Tigh. Cavil points out that he needs a patch, but Ellen says that she prefers to remember him as he was. He then says that the Simons are almost ready with the OR. He says that she'll be impressed with their advances in memory recall. Boomer is again there as Cavil's audience. Ellen figures that he'll make the procedure take as long as possible so she can suffer. Ellen wants to know why he did it. He wanted them to see the "holocaust" up close. Ellen points out that he made sure that she got on a ship during the attacks, took Tyrol's confession, joined Anders' resistance and tortured Tigh, but he kept them all alive so that when they resurrected, they would admit to him that they were wrong. She says that he wanted their approval like that boy they created long ago. She says that he's petty and jealous even though he claims to be a perfect machine. She then says that she knows that he killed Daniel, who was an artist and sensitive. She figures that Cavil didn't like that Ellen was "playing favorites." Cavil points out that if he's so imperfect; it was the Finale Five that made him. She says that though he's done bad things, he's not a mistake and that he still has a chance to be that child that she made and that she loves. She tries to reach out to him, but he's not interested. He says that he has to scrub for surgery and wonders what "perfection looks like on the inside."


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