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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: No Exit
Episode Number: 415
Written by: Ryan Mottesheard
Directed by: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Original Air Date: 2/13/09 on SciFi Channel

  • 39,556 survivors. Another forty-seven people died. That death toll includes the eleven Quorum representatives, Zarek and Gaeta.
  • Starting with Laird's death two episodes ago, the number of survivors dropped from 39, 644 down to the current number. Assuming all the deaths were due to the mutiny, eighty-eight people died during Zarek and Gaeta's uprising.

Unanswered Questions:
  • Why did it take Cavil four months to finally move to "cut open" Ellen after first making the threat immediately after the destruction of the Resurrection Hub?
  • Why were the Simons willing to go along with Cavil's surgery on Ellen? Were they aware that she was one of the Final Five? What about the Dorals? How much has Cavil told the other two models about Ellen?
  • Where is Boomer taking Ellen? If it's to the fleet, how will she keep Cavil from following?
  • If Ellen returns to the fleet, what will that mean for Caprica Six's relationship with Tigh?
  • If Boomer returns to the fleet, will she and Tyrol rekindle their relationship as was seemingly hinted in the episode?
  • What will Cavil do now that Ellen has escaped?
  • Why was each model given a unique personality?
  • If Cavil was based on Ellen's father, who were the other models based on?
  • How will the new Quorum representatives be chosen? By democratic vote on each ship? Or some other means?
  • Where did the Centurions get their idea of a one true god?
  • How will the fleet feel about Roslin basically handing the Presidency over to Lee without him being duly elected?
  • Is Anders brain dead?
  • Will Tyrol be able to adequately repair Galactica?

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