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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: No Exit
Episode Number: 415
Written by: Ryan Mottesheard
Directed by: Gwyneth Horder-Payton
Original Air Date: 2/13/09 on SciFi Channel

Ellen says, "I'd do it all again."

Data downloads through a cable-like circuit.

Ellen wakes up in a resurrection tub. A Cylon Centurion stands guard. She cries for a few moments and then regains her composure. Ellen asks the Centurion to help her up. It hesitates and she says that it's okay. It extends a hand and she thanks it as she stands up.

(Caption: Present Day)
Anders is in the sick bay. He's having visions. He is restrained as Cottle preps the back of Anders' head. Kara tries to respond to Anders' rambling. Cottle explains that he has to drill holes in his head to drain the fluid and reduce the swelling, so that he can "get the brain guy" to take the bullet in Anders' brain. Kara talks to Anders, but Cottle says that he can't hear her and that she should rest. She tells him to drill. Anders gets quiet as Cottle starts to drill. Kara is concerned, but Cottle says that it's a reflex.

Anders has more visions of Caprica, the Temple of Five and Earth.

In sickbay, Anders then starts talking again. He says, "We've been to the beach before." He adds that Ellen would sometimes be there too "because she loved the water." Kara is unnerved by what she's hearing. Cottle keeps drilling.

(Caption: Eighteen Months Ago)
Ellen sits on the floor. A chair is pulled up. Ellen greets John Cavil. He says that he doesn't like the name 'John' and also points out that she made him in her father's image, which he doesn't much like either. Cavil points out that Tigh and the rest of them aren't human, but are machines. She counters that depends on the definition. They talk like old friends who've grown apart. Apparently she helped design him. She says that he really hasn't changed much from that boy first designed years ago. She says that she had such hopes for him.. He says that he actually has changed and then goes to leave. She says that it's cold in the room. He says that he'll get her some clothes since he's seen all of her before. She gets a look of disgust at the reminder.

Tyrol takes Adama down into the engine room and shows him the crack in the engine room. Adama wants Tyrol to fix it. He also wants Tyrol to become Chief again. Tyrol points out that he's a Cylon. Adama points out that so is his XO. Tyrol accepts Adama's offer and they shake on it.

Anders wakes up. Starbuck is nearby. He wakes her. She starts apologizing for his getting hurt. He tells her that it's okay. She says that with the bullet in his head, it's nowhere near okay. He reassures her and asks her to get Tory, Tyrol, Tigh and Ellen and bring them. Starbuck points out that Ellen is dead. Anders realizes that and then tells her to get the rest together. Anders says, "I remember everything... Earth. Why we're here. Everything."


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