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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Islanded in a Stream of Stars
Episode Number: 418
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 3/6/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
As Tigh rummages through his quarters, Ellen tells Tigh that they have to do more because it's Hera. Tigh says that he got Adama to agree to a recon mission. Ellen isn't satisfied, because Hera is the future of their people. Tigh finally finds a bottle under the couch, but it's empty. He throws it against the wall in frustration. Tigh says that his people are the crew of the Galactica. Ellen says that they were married for 2,000 years before he even met Adama. Tigh says that it's just a number, but Adama's friendship is more.. Ellen says that he's a Cylon if he doesn't remember and that they tried to end the cycle of war before man and machine. Tigh points out that "it was a bust." Hera is their only hope for their people to survive or they'll die one by one like they are in sick bay. Tigh says his child died. Ellen says that he's wrong and that he's had millions [of children]. They hug.

Boomer's Raptor jumps again.

Boomer offers Hera a food bar, but Hera doesn't take it. Hera just looks at Boomer. Boomer tells Hera that when she's sad, she goes to a place where she feels safe. It was a house where she wanted to live with the man she loved. Boomer stands up.

Boomer and Hera's Projection:
Boomer is in her house. Hera is there too and Boomer realizes that Hera can project too. Hera just holds up the bar and Boomer says that she can eat it.

Baltar shaves and Kara is in a stall sitting on the toilet reading. When Baltar silently inquires about the door being open, Kara says that the latch was broken. Kara wants to know if he really believes in his "crap" about angels. Inner Six can be seen for a moment. Kara finishes in the stall, flushes, stands up and walks over to another sink. Baltar wants to know who she is. Kara says that she's a dead chic. He thinks that she's being sarcastic and says that he's full of crap. She then says again that she's dead. She walks over to him, gives Baltar the dog tags that were on her body on Earth. She tells him to analyze them and figure out what she is because she's not an angel. She then leaves. Baltar fingers the dog tags.

A marine opens a door for Kara. She walks in and it's closed behind her.

Kara walks over to a tub where Anders is laying. The Eight says that they hooked him up to central power grid hoping he'd wake up. Kara says, "You tried to jumpstart him." Kara then asks for a moment alone and the Eight leaves. After a moment, Kara talks about how she had told him that she would shoot him if he turned out to be a Cylon. She then adds that someone else "beat her to it" and that all she could think about is that she wanted him back because he was "just Sam" and she was "her Sam." Suddenly, she pulls out her firearm and points it at his head. Before she can pull the trigger, Anders grabs her arm. He starts babbling like a hybrid.

Power fluctuations ripple through Galactica including in the hangar deck, the pilots' briefing room and CIC.

Anders keeps babbling as he grips her arm tighter and tighter. Kara finally drops the gun. Anders tells Kara that she's the "harbinger of death." He then stops babbling as Kara is speechless.

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