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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Islanded in a Stream of Stars
Episode Number: 418
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 3/6/09 on SciFi Channel

  • In the vision at the beginning of the episode, Hera moves the Galactica into the baseship. At the end of the episode, Adama tells Tigh that he's going to send her out in "style." This seems to foreshadow the possibility of the Galactica ramming Cavil's baseship much like the Pegasus ' fate above New Caprica.
  • Athena and Helo are struggling to deal with Hera's kidnapping and the betrayal of trust caused by Boomer.
  • Caprica Six was in sickbay at the beginning of the episode, but apparently completed her recovery as she later was moving through the ship.
  • After her fainting spell in the previous episode, Roslin is now staying in sick bay.
  • Caprica Six, Roslin and perhaps Athena are again having the dream about the Opera House.
  • There are tensions between the Cylons and human working on the repairs because the repairs do not appear to be effective. A Six and human crewman argue over this. In spite of their argument, the Six uses her strength to save him and secure the door, sacrificing her own life.
  • The damage from Boomer's jump has further destabilized the structure of the ship. The ship is supposedly able to survive five more jumps before she'll likely tear apart.
  • The Cylons are already pushing for the transfer of the Admiral's flag to the baseship. Though Adama resists the idea, it's clear that because of the state of the Galactica , it's only a matter of time before it will have to happen.
  • The Captain's Quorum has begun to bicker over who should receive components from Galactica when she's stripped down.
  • Baltar has again become a force within the fleet thanks to his wireless broadcasts.
  • Baltar's Inner Six does not appear in her familiar red dress, but rather a white outfit befitting his description of her as an angel.
  • Baltar seems ready to renew his interest in Caprica Six, but she rejects his advances even though the status of her relationship with Tigh is now unclear.
  • The Eight makes a reference to the song when she tells Tigh, "Too much confusion." The song has now been referenced by the Final Five, one of the Cylon models, Hera and Starbuck, which ties them all together.
  • Boomer had to make at least thirteen jumps in the Raptor in order to reach the Colony based on the Raptor having made at least one jump and then Boomer says that she had a "dozen" more jumps to make.
  • Tigh still identifies with Adama and the fleet because he doesn't fully remember his previous life yet.
  • Even though she's only half-Cylon, Hera can project.
  • Perhaps moved in some way by Baltar's message about angels, Kara gives him her dog tags and tells him to figure out what she is. He's the first person (not counting her vision of Slick) that she's told that too.
  • After suggesting the idea in the last episode, the Cylons have plugged Anders into the central power grid in hopes of reviving him.
  • Anders is aware on some level since he was able to stop Kara from killing him.
  • Roslin has kept the cigarettes that she and Adama first shared back on New Caprica the day of Baltar's ground breaking.
  • Though her cancer has progressed, Roslin confides to Adama that she's only finally felt at home in the last few months with him.
  • The scenes of Roslin and Adama in the sickbay seem to indicate that she's close to the circumstances of her death as depicted in her visions in Episode 409 ("The Hub").
  • Roslin makes an interesting parallel between herself and Galactica. She realizes that Adama has two women in his life, but that he needs to finally let go of one (Galactica) so that she has a chance to survive.
  • Anders has been responsible for the power fluctuations experienced on the ship in the episode. When he was plugged into the main power grid, he was somehow able to use the Cylon organic resin to directly network with the electrical circuits bypassing the computer systems.
  • The Heavy Raider recon has learned that the Colony is no longer at its last known location. Readings indicate that Cavil moved the Colony five months ago shortly before the Cylon civil war.
  • Adama, Ellen, Baltar and a Six (probably Sonya) speak at the funeral for those who died when the hull failed.
  • Baltar uses the occasion of the funeral to out Kara's secret. He has interpreted her death and reappearance as a way to eternal life by embracing death. Adama is angry with Baltar and Kara is upset with him.
  • Kara's journey roughly parallels Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. However, rather than a savior, the Cylons keep prophesying that she's going to bring them to their end. However, Baltar looks at her as an example of the way to eternal life.
  • In spite of Baltar's revelation, Lee doesn't care. He still believes in Kara and obviously still loves her.
  • Kara, on the other hand, believes she the living dead in some fashion and puts her own picture on the memorial wall next to Kat where Lee had placed it after he watched her Viper explode.
  • Boomer has reached the Colony and turned Hera over to Cavil.
  • After having started out their journey by crying for her mother, Hera cries out for Boomer when Cavil takes her away.
  • Boomer appears to have realized the weight of what she has done by taking Hera away. The projections of her dream house and seeing Hera in her imagined daughter's room has set in.
  • Kara has decided that the song is the key to why she's back from the dead and she believes that Anders is the key.
  • Adama has decided to abandon Galactica. He wants civilians evacuated within a day and all personnel and ordinance off in a week.

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