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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Islanded in a Stream of Stars
Episode Number: 418
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 3/6/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Kara stands in the memorial corridor. Lee walks up to her and wants to know what she's doing. She just looks at him. He says that he doesn't care. He says that he saw her Viper explode, but he doesn't care. He gently touches her face and says, "This is all that matters." She smiles. He tells her "see you around" and leaves. She turns back to the wall, puts a picture of herself on the wall next to Kat.

Boomer's Raptor enters the Colony.

The Raptor lands inside the Colony.

Boomer carries Hera through the hall.

Cavil appears. He asks Boomer if everything went well and she says that it did. He says that he wishes that he could have been there to see Ellen's face when she realized she'd been "played." Cavil tells her to go get some rest. Boomer hesitates and Cavil tells her that Hera will be okay and Cavil then takes Hera. Boomer starts to cry as she sees Cavil take Hera into a nearby room. He puts her down as she cries for Boomer. He tells her that she'll "soon have all sorts of new playmates" as he leaves. Hera cries for Boomer as Boomer cries

Adama stops in the corridor to watch repairs for a moment before continuing to the door to his quarters.

Adama enters his quarters and goes into the head where a wall has been treated with the compound. Adama runs his hand over the treated wall before picking up a paint brush. He frantically paints the wall before breaking down, sinking to the floor and crying.

Kara talks to the comatose Anders as Hera's picture and the song composition can be seen in her lap. She knows that he can hear her. She says that old her is gone just like the old him is gone. She just doesn't know what the new her is doing there, but she figures that it has something to do with the music. She then plugs him back in. He adjusts to being jacked back in and says, "new command."

Tigh walks into Adama's quarters and finds Adama freshening up. Adama says that he's made a decision. Tigh figures that he's going to send the Cylon work crews packing. Adama instead says that he's decided to halt repairs. He wants the crew to start stripping down the ship and packing up the gear. He wants civilians evacuated by tomorrow and the crew and ordinance by the end of the week. He says that they are abandoning ship. Tigh is in disbelief. Adama says that the ship is dying and it has to be done. Tigh says that he can't and won't let Adama do it. Adama says that he can't change what Tigh is including that he was the best officer and friend he ever had. He then adds that they'll send the ship "off in style." Tigh sits down next to Adama, who offers Tigh a drink. They then toast Galactica.

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