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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Islanded in a Stream of Stars
Episode Number: 418
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 3/6/09 on SciFi Channel

Hera's playing in CIC.

Hera runs through the opera house.

Hera moves a model of the Galactica right up to a model of baseship as Raptors surround the baseship.

A Six walks up to a human crewman and wants to know why he's complaining. She says that it's the ship that is so bad. He counters that the "goop" isn't working. An Eight steps in and pulls the Six off.

Anders blinks at the same time as the power fluctuations.

Ellen says that Hera is their only hope. Ellen says that Hera will have been taken to the Colony. Ellen tells them that they gave them resurrection technology in exchange for experimenting. Tigh tells Lee that Ellen knows where the Colony is. Lee doesn't want to jump into a "Cylon hornet's nest." Starbuck says that Hera could be the humans' only hope too. Kara says that Hera wrote the notes to a song that her father taught her when she was a child. Tigh chimes in that it was the same song that turned them on. Kara continues that the song also led them to Earth. Kara again says that there's something greater going on and Hera is the "key." Adama isn't buying the destiny thing and scoffs at it. He says that destiny has led them to the "ass-end of nowhere," and that he can't even walk through his own ship without knowing if he'll get shot because of the alliance. Tigh points out that they are still alive and asks for at least a recon ship. Adama agrees to a heavy raider because he doesn't want Helo and Athena to find out.

In their quarters, Athena puts a plate down. Helo walks over and turns her around. He tries to talk to her. He wants to know if she hates him, but she says nothing. Helo walks away. They are both clearly disturbed. Athena grabs her head.

In the Opera House, Hera runs as Roslin and Athena follow her. Baltar takes her behind the closed doors.

Caprica Six tosses and turns.

Across from her, Roslin wakes up. She tells Adama that she's been having "that dream" again. Just then, the ship shudders.

The hull breaches near the repair area. Decompression sucks Cylon and human repair crew out. The Six and the human that she was arguing with struggle to hold on. She pulls him up the deck to a door where two others pull him to safety. She tells them to close it. As he looks at her from safety behind the door, she screams, "Lock it." He does. She struggles to turn the door handle. Once it's secure, she lets go and floats out into space.

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