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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: Islanded in a Stream of Stars
Episode Number: 418
Written by: Michael Taylor
Directed by: Edward James Olmos
Original Air Date: 3/6/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
In sick bay, Adama reads to Roslin. Roslin looks at Adama and he asks, "What?" Roslin tells him to open to page sixty-one. He finds a cigarette there. Roslin pulls out a lighter and a second cigarette and says that Cottle won't mind because "it's medicinal." Adama realizes that she saved it from "that day" on New Caprica when they were together for Baltar's ground breaking. They reminisce about what they had talked about on New Caprica about settling down and her cabin. Roslin then tells him that she's never felt at home until the last few months on the ship with him. She knows that he loves the ship, maybe more than her, but she says that he has to get them all off the ship or he may lose them both at the same time. She asks him "to give both of us a chance."

Baltar scrapes a blood sample off the dog tag and analyzes it.

Tigh is briefed by the Cylons. They say he's been responsible for the power fluctuations and that he has somehow networked into the electrical circuits through the organic resin. Tigh wants to know if he could jump the ship and they says that he could, "theoretically." Tigh wants him taken offline. Kara can be seen looking on, but she says nothing. An Eight disconnects him and Anders grows quiet

Adama is told by Sonya and Ellen that Cavil moved the Colony approximately five months ago just before the Cylon civil war. Adama realizes that they don't know where the Colony is now. He leaves.

Boomer and Hera's Projection Con't:
In the projection, Boomer tells Hera that she can imagine anything she wants. Boomer then asks if Hera wants to a "special room, a room where I thought my daughter would live?"

Boomer and Hera's Projection Con't:
Boomer takes Hera up to Dionne's room and Hera starts jumping and walking on the bed on the bed.

Repairs are being done on the damaged hull as Raptor's light the work area.

In the corridor, Helo catches up with asks Adama if he and Athena can take a Raptor out. Adama says that he's already sent a recon and they couldn't find the facility where they believe that Boomer would have taken Hera. Helo asks again. Adama says that he's lost a son and Helo has lost a daughter. He continues that he can't "condone a suicide mission" and wants Helo to let it go. Helo counters that the ship is dying. Adama tells him that he's doesn't need to be lectured He apologizes and then begs Adama one last time for a single Raptor. Adama refuses and leaves.

There's a funeral for the human and Cylon crew that died in the accident. Ellen, Adama, Baltar and a Six (Sonya?) speak at the funeral. Caprica Six can be seen milling around. As the funeral closes, Baltar looks over at Caprica Six and then down at the dog tags that he's fingering. The funeral ends and Baltar speaks up. He says that they have one last hope for survival and that is to embrace death. He says that he has proof that someone has already crossed over and is "living proof that there is life after death." He holds up the dog tags and says that the blood on the dog tags came from a dead body, but is a one hundred percent match with Kara. He says that he said that angels walk among them and that she's not a Cylon because they've all already been revealed to them. Adama tells him to shut up, but Baltar counters that they should ask Kara because she will not deny it. Kara walks up to him and slaps him. Adama orders the deck cleared. Everyone starts to leave except Baltar and Lee.

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