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The following information is gathered from various articles, interviews and The Fuselage forums. The following can be considered RUMOR and subject to change or otherwise inaccurate.These spoilers are more general than those listed for specific episodes and many are likely to fall by the wayside. These are items mentioned by the showrunners as intended storylines, but it's likely that more than a few of these will prove to be well off-target by season's end. Newer spoilers are added at the top of the list.

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Episode 2: Confirmed Dead; A "New Boat-People" Episode; February 7, 2008
2/3/08: The episode ends with the revelations that the "freighter-people" are after Ben and Ben knows this because he has a spy on their freighter.
2/3/08: Jack, Kate and Daniel find Miles and Frank, but Rebecca ends up with Locke's group.
2/3/08: The flashbacks feature each of the four "freighter-people" and indicate press coverage of the finding of Flight 815. However, there are hints that there could be a cover-up: the plane is too deep for recovery efforts and someone claims that he's the pilot that's being reported as dead... but he was replaced at the last minute.
2/2/08: From the freighter, Miles, Daniel Faraday, Charlotte and Frank Lapidus all appear. Danielle Rousseau, Alex and Karl also appear. Naomi and Matthew Abaddon (the mysterious man who visited Hurley in his flashforward) appear in flashbacks as well as a female anchor, a translator, Mrs. Gardner and an African/Tunisian man. From ABC
2/2/08: The survivors begin to question the intentions of their supposed rescuers when four strangers arrive on the island. From ABC
1/31/08: Jeff Fahey makes his first appearance as one of four "rescuers." From The Buffalo News
1/12/08: The flashbacks/flashforwards center on the "boat-people" contacted by Jack. From SpoilerFix
1/12/08: Added Episode title.
9/23/07: Kate and Jack are walking with Daniel, another pilot (like Naomi) from the freighter, in the jungle. From Hawaii Threads [Daniel is played by Jeremy Davies.]
9/23/07: Location shooting was taking place at the pier and possibily involving a large ship. [the freighter crew?]
9/4/07: L. Scott Caldwell (Rose) and Mira Furlan (Danielle) were spotted in Hawaii on Labor Day Weekend. [We're not sure if that means that they appear in 401 or 402 or both.]
9/1/07: "An upcoming episode will feature a female translator in her 30s who works at a university and translates from French to English." From SpoilerFix [Let the Danielle flashback speculation begin.]
8/24/07: Casting Info for Charlotte: Late 20s. Very attractive in a naturalistic, athletic way, her looks are only one small part of charms. Precocious, loquacious, and funny, Charlotte a very successful academic who also knows how to handle herself in the real world. On a personal level it is hard to crack the hard shell of poise and certainty around her, but when it DOES crack its like an egg; lots of repressed and pent up emotions spill out. From DarkUFO
8/24/07: Filming begins on August 29th.
8/23/07: Rebecca Mader has been cast in a recurring role, perhaps as Charlotte. From Kristin
8/23/07: Charlotte could become a regular (not just recurring). From
8/23/07: Lance Reddick (The Wire) has been cast as Arthur Stevens. From Ausiello
8/23/07: Charlotte is an attractive twentysomething and a very successful academic, but has "lots of repressed and pent-up emotions." From Ausiello
8/23/07: A new, likely recurring, character is Charlotte, an attractive and athletic academic. From secretagentman
8/23/07: A new, likely recurring, character is Arthur Stevens, a ruthless corporate recruiter between his 40's and 60's. "He may smile and his words may sound soothing," reads the casting notice, "but their effect can send chills up your spine." He is set to appear in the first two episodes of the season. From secretagentman & Ausiello

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