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The following information is gathered from various articles, interviews and The Fuselage forums. The following can be considered RUMOR and subject to change or otherwise inaccurate.These spoilers are more general than those listed for specific episodes and many are likely to fall by the wayside. These are items mentioned by the showrunners as intended storylines, but it's likely that more than a few of these will prove to be well off-target by season's end. Newer spoilers are added at the top of the list.

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Episode 5: The Constant; A "Desmond" Episode; February 28, 2008
2/26/08: Faraday is seen in one of Desmond's flashbacks as an Oxford professor. They actually speak with Faraday asking Desmond if he's going to die. From ABC Preview Clip
2/26/08: Frank, Desmond and Sayid reach the freighter. The freighter crew is not happy with Frank for bringing the survivors to the ship. Desmond is unhinged, claiming he doesn't know Frank and Sayid. From ABC Preview Clip
2/26/08: The episode deals with time travel and different time periods. From Carlton Cuse
2/26/08: The episode explores why Desmond was in prison and what happened to him there. From ABC Podcast
2/26/08: Charles Widmore bids on an item from Alvar Hanso's personal collection: a journal from the Black Rock. From DarkUFO
2/13/08: From the freighter, Frank Lapidus, Daniel Faraday and Charlotte appear as well as George Minkowski (played by Fisher Stevens). Penny Widmore and her father Charles also appear. Other guest characters that appear are sergeant, Billy, auctioneer, doctor, Keamy and Omar. From ABC [So we finally see George Minkowski, which we're guessing means that Desmond and Sayid finally reach the freighter in this episode.]
2/13/08: Sayid and Desmond hit a bit of turbulence on the way to the freighter, which causes Desmond to experience some unexpected side effects. From ABC
1/31/08: Guest characters are described as a narcoleptic , an R. Lee Ermey-style drill sergeant, three older British guys and two young soldier types, who we could see on more than a couple of episodes. From Kristin
1/12/08: This is a "Desmond" Episode. From SpoilerFix
1/12/08: Added Episode title.

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