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Frodo Baggins
Frodo Baggins

Portrayed by: Elijah Wood

Appears in:
The Fellowship of the Ring
The Two Towers
The Return of the King

Frodo Baggins In The Two Towers:
Frodo and Sam are in Emyn Muil as they make their way toward Mordor. As they are sleeping, Gollum sneaks up on them, trying to steal the Ring. However, they are able to capture him and tie him up. Sam wants to leave him behind, but Frodo wants to see if there is still good left in Gollum. Gollum swears on the One Ring, his Precious, that he will help them and lead them into Mordor. They make their way through the Dead Marshes, where the lights lure Frodo into a pool, but Gollum saves him.

Gollum leads them to the Black Gate of Mordor, but won't let Frodo go in when it is opened to admit some Easterlings. He tells him that he knows a secret way further to the south. Sam still doesn't trust Gollum, but Frodo insists on allowing Gollum to lead them. They then see a skirmish between a patrol of men of Gondor and the Haradrim, who are men from the South. Sam and Frodo are captured by the same patrol, which is led by Faramir, Boromir's brother. They are taken to the hideout of Henneth Annûn. Later by the Forbidden Pool, Frodo attempts to talk to Gollum, but Faramir captures Gollum instead.

Faramir decides to take Frodo and the Ring back to Gondor, even after Sam tells him that Boromir died because he tried to take the Ring. They march to Osgiliath, which is under siege by the minions of Mordor. Frodo is overcome by the Ring and is nearly captured by one of the Nazgûl riding a winged beast. Sam gets him out of the way, but Frodo struggles with him. Faramir then turns them loose to continue their quest, but now Gollum is upset because he believes Frodo tricked him, when Faramir had captured him.

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