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April 2005-June 2005 News & Announcements:

6/28/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Action/Adventure
La Femme Nikita: The Complete Third Season, from producers/writers Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran (currently working on 24), arrives in a six-disc collector's set containing all 22 episodes. The thrilling adventures of Season Three are marked by the unveiling of Michael's secret life, Nikita and Michael's romantic relationship and the further suspicion about the true nature of Section One.
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La Femme Nikita

6/24/05 - Films: Index / Films: SciFi
The Jacket is now available on DVD. Adrien Brody stars as a Gulf War veteran wrongly accused of murder, and subsequently committed to a mental institution. A controversial treatment regimen sends him on a mind-bending journey into the future, where he can foresee his death - and must try to stop it. Also stars Keira Knightley, Daniel Craig , Jennifer Jason Leigh, Kelly Lynch and Kris Kristofferson.
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The Jacket

6/22/05 - History: Index / History Resources: Books
The Other New York edited by Joseph Tiedemann & Eugene Fingerhut
The Other New York provides a county-by-county survey of the regions outside of New York City, describing the social and cultural conditions on the eve of the Revolution and details the events leading up to the conflict, the battles and campaigns fought within the state, the hardships civilians experienced while creating new local governments and supplying the war effort, and postwar reconstruction efforts.
Book Details and Review from
The Other New York
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6/13/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Drama
TNT 's new original series THE CLOSER, starring two-time Golden Globe nominee Kyra Sedgwick (The Woodsman, Something To Talk About, TNT's Door to Door) as an Atlanta detective transferred to Los Angeles to head the Priority Murder Squad, will premiere Monday, June 13 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT) , in a special commercial-free presentation.  Gil Garcetti, Los Angeles district attorney from 1992 to 2000, is a consulting producer on the series. 
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The Closer

6/12/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: SciFi/Fantasy
Casting a fresh look on a timeless legend, Lois & Clark: The Complete First Season arrives with all 21 episodes and bonus features. This humorous and romantic action-adventure series puts a modern twist on the time-honored, legendary superhero, bringing to life the comic book characters Clark Kent (Dean Cain); his superhuman alter-ego, Superman; and Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher), fiction's first lady of the press.
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Lois and Clark

6/11/05 - Battlestar Galactica: Index has more news on Season 2.
WARNING: Article contains spoilers.

Added Cast, Characters and Episode information to Galactica: 1980.

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Battlestar Galactica

6/11/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: SciFi/Fantasy
Wonder Woman: The Complete Third Season returns for 24 episodes starring Lynda Carter. Teamed with government agent Steve Trevor (Lyle Waggoner), Wonder Woman whips out her bracelets and lariat to battle evil. Her foes include a time traveler from the year 2155, a dating service that's serving up death, bazillions of hungry ants and a sculptor whose statues come to life. Wonder Woman certainly saved the best adventures for last!
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Wonder Woman

6/8/05 - Film: Gladiator / Gladiator Resources: Books
The Quest For the Lost Roman Legions: Discovering the Varus Battlefield by Tony Clunn is a masterful retelling of Clunn's search to discover the Varus battlefield. His well-paced, carefully conceived, and vivid writing style makes for a compelling read from the first page to the last, as he alternates between his incredible modern quest, and the ancient tale of the Roman occupation of Germany (based upon actual finds from the battlefield) that ultimately ended so tragically in the peat bogs of Kalkriese.
Read an excerpt from The Quest For the Lost Roman Legions
Book Table of Contents and Excerpts from
Quest for the Lost Roman Legions
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6/7/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Action/Adventure
With the #1 performing Action-Adventure classic TV series on DVD, the much-anticipated theatrical release and the return of series to cable TV, 'The Year of The Duke Boys' is here! The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Third Season contains 23 action-packed episodes in a 4-disc collector's set! Season Three includes guest appearances by Tammy Wynette, Roy Orbison, and The Oak Ridge Boys.
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Dukes of Hazzard

6/6/05 - Battlestar Galactica: Index has now added a Battlestar Galactica site with news and information on the new SciFi Channel TV series as well as information on the original 1978 television series and 1980 revival.
Click Here for The Patriot Resource: Battlestar Galactica site
Battlestar Galactica

6/4/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Animated
Gotham City crime czars Scarface and Rupert Thorne battle evil masterminds like the Joker and the Penguin for money, power and respect.Amidst all the terror one man walks the fine line between vengeance and justice as often as he balances his crimefighting persona and his billionaire playboy public life. Your Batman collection won't be complete without the The Animated Series Volume 3 DVD Set!
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5/31/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Animated
From Genndy Tartakovsky, the creator of Star Wars: Clone Wars, comes the Emmy Award winning Samurai Jack Season 2 on DVD. The series follows the tales of a young samurai cast far into the future by the evil shape-shifting wizard Aku. Join Samurai Jack on his quest to return to the past and undo the destruction that Aku has wrought upon the land. With award-winning artwork and intricate, action-packed plots, the many journeys of Samurai Jack are a must for any fan's collection.
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Samurai Jack

5/29/05 - History: Index / History Resources: Books
Washington and Cornwallis, The Battle for America, 1775-1783, by Benton Rain Patterson.
Washington and Cornwallis concerns the major battles and key players of the Revolutionary War. This story brings to light the defeats and narrow victories that won the United States independence from the English Crown as well as profiles its two fundamental characters, General George Washington and Lieutenant General Charles Lord Cornwallis.
Book Details and Review from
Washington and Cornwallis
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5/26/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Drama
Follow President Josiah Bartlet from re-election into his second term with The West Wing: The Complete Fourth Season on DVD. The six-disc collector's set includes all 22 episodes of the series' fourth season, which garnered 15 Emmy nominations and two wins for Outstanding Drama Series and Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. It also includes bonus featurettes and deleted scenes.
Click Here for More Details from
The West Wing

5/24/05 - History: Index / History Resources: Books
Guns of Independence: The Siege of Yorktown, 1781 by Jerome Greene
Guns of Independence is a scholarly, detailed look at the hour-by-hour progression of the pivotal siege that won the American Revolution.
Update: is now shipping the book with a discounted price.
Read an excerpt from Guns of Independence: The Siege of Yorktown, 1781
Book Details and Review from
Guns of Independence
Buy It Now

5/23/05 - History: Index / History Resources: Sideshow Collectibles is proud to now be an affiliate of Sideshow Collectibles. Please check out the beautifully detailed 12" Revolutionary War collectible figures and stay tuned for other product lines featured here at

5/22/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: SciFi/Fantasy
This "reimagined" update of the classic '70's show became a ratings hit for the SciFi channel in January 2005. It's a science fiction show that often doesn't feel like a science Updated by former Star Trek producer Ronald D. Moore and starring Edward James Olmos (Blade Runner) and Mary McDonnell (Dances with Wolves). The second season will air in July 2005 on the SciFi Channel.
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Battlestar Galactica

5/16/05 - History: Index / History Resources: Books
Washington's General: Nathanael Greene and the Triumph of the American Revolution by Terry Golway: Though much has been written about the American Revolution and George Washington's central role, very little is known about one of his able and trusted generals, Nathanael Greene, the overlooked Quaker from Rhode Island, who won the war's crucial southern campaign.
Book Review from is now online
Book Details from
Washingtons General
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5/8/05 - Kingdom of Heaven follows the adventures of Balian, from village blacksmith to knight to defender of Jerusalem. He initially joins in hopes of saving his and his deceased wife's souls. Starring Orlando Bloom and directed by Ridley Scott. Opens May 6th. (Rated R for strong violence)
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Kingdom of Heaven
Official Site

4/17/05 - Film: Gladiator
Gladiator Cast and Crew filmographies have been updated.
Click Here for the Film: Gladiator Index

4/10/05 - TV Series: Index
To a generation of Americans, FDR was seen as the savior of the American Dream. But behind Roosevelt's titanic struggle to pull America from the abyss of the Depression and the horrors of war were personal struggles just as significant. The new two-part, four-hour special goes beyond the public fašade of FDR and into the complex life that shaped one of America's greatest leaders. FDR: A Presidency Revealed, premieres Sunday-Monday, April 17-18 at 9 pm ET/PT on The History Channel.
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FDR - A Presidency Revealed

4/3/05 - TV Series: Index / TV Series: Animated
The Flintstones band wagon was rolling full logs ahead by its third year. They always had a solid fan base but now critics, who had surprisingly shortchanged the "cartoon show" two years prior, were won over. This 4-disc DVD set has all 28 3rd season episodes including the birth of Pebbles in Dress Rehearsal. The set also includes the featurettes: "Bedrock Collectibles" & "Families of the Stone Age."
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The Flintstones

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