Dukes of Hazzard
Dukes of Hazzard Season 2 Episode Summaries:

Episode 1 - "Days of Shine and Roses";
Written by Bruce Howard; Directed by Hollingsworth Morse; 9/21/79
On your mark, get set, cheat! To prove who was the fastest moonshine runner back in the day, Boss Hogg challenges Uncle Jesse to a fair-and-square car race. But to Boss Hogg, 'fair' is a four letter word.

Episode 2 - "Gold Fever";
Written by Si Rose; Directed by Paul Baxley; 9/28/79
The boys are in 24-karat trouble when con artists stash bogus bullion in Boss Hogg's bank. The flimflammery leads to a bank heist that might end with Bo and Luke in the iron-bar motel.

Episode 3 - "The Rustlers";
Written by Stephen Kandel; Directed by Richard Moder; 10/5/79
Boss Hogg doesn't horse around, especially when it comes to the Lulu Hogg's Stakes Race. He aimes to steal a sure winner...but so does a gang of rustlers. Can Bo and Luke ride to the rescue?

Episode 4 - "The Meeting";
Teleplay by William Raynor & Myles Wilder; Story by Leonard Kaufman; Directed by Rod Amateau; 10/12/79
It's good ol' boys versus goodfellas when Bo and Luke tangle with mobsters who paid Boss Hogg $10,000 to rent out the jail for a wise guy confab.

Episode 5 - "Road Pirates";
Written by William Raynor & Myles Wilder; Directed by William Asher; 10/19/79
Will a batch of kick-tail gasoline solve the nation's fuel crisis? Uncle Jesse fires up the moonshine still for a patriotic cause. And a lovely revenue agent fires Bo's dancin'-and-romancin' flames.

Episode 6 - "The Ghost of General Lee";
Written by Martin Roth; Directed by Jack Starrett;10/26/79
Car thieves drive the General Lee into a pond. Thinking Bo and Luke were drowned, Boss Hogg claims they stole his watch. So the boys scheme to haunt Boss.

Episode 7 - "Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough";
Teleplay by Bruce Howard, William Raynor, Myles Wilder & Ron Friedman; Story by Ron Friedman; Directed by Ernest Pintoff; 11/2/79
Racing legend Cale Yarborough is working on a secret turbocharger. When the grimy Jethro brothers and slimy Boss Hogg start snooping around, it's up to the Dukes to save Cale's tail.

Episode 8 - "Hazzard Connection";
Written by Paul Savage; Directed by Paul Baxley; 11/9/79
Master spies Luke and Bo? The Dukes infiltrate a demolition derby to clear themselves of s smuggling charge... and teach those demolition dudes all about driving.

Episode 9 - "Witness for the Persecution";
Teleplay by William Raynor & Myles Wilder; Story by Paul Savage; Directed by Hollingsworth Morse; 11/16/79
Hide the silverware? The Dukes shelter Boss, the key witness against a gangster. But even mob hit men aren't as ornery as the man who came to dinner, plus breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Episode 10 - "Granny Annie";
Written by Bruce Howard; Directed by Dick Moder; 11/23/79
Granny Annie, Hazzard County's beloved artist, has a new hobby: counterfeiting five-dollar bills. Where there's money - even phony money - involved, you just know Boss Hogg's gonna be, too.

Episode 11 - "People's Choice";
Written by Bruce Howard; Directed by Allen Baron; 11/30/79
Boss Hogg is crookeder than a bird dog's hing leg. So when a curvaceous candidate runs against him in a Hazzard County election, he trots out more dirty tricks than a dog with fleas.

Episode 12 - "Arrest Jesse Duke";
Written by Si Rose; Directed by Jack Whitman; 5/4/79
Strippers in Hazzard County? You bet, but these gorgeous Dixie dolls are car strippers - and somehow it's Uncle Jesse, not the gals, who winds up behind bars.

Episode 13 - "Duke of Duke";
Written by: Herman Groves; Directed by Hollingsworth Morse; 1/8/80
The Dukes' cousin - a real British duke - arrives in Hazzard County to claim property he inherited. But Uncle Jesse figures something about Cousin Gaylord isn't quite cricket.

Episode 14 - "The Runaway";
Written by Jim Rogers; Directed by Dick Moder; 1/11/80
Take an eloping beauty, her irate bazillionaire daddy, two strong-arm goons and the Dukes, and what do you get? Trouble looking for a place to happen!

Episode 15-"Follow That Still";
Written by William Raynor & Myles Wilder; Directed by Jack Whitman; 1/18/80
Moonshiner Hard Luck Jones gets some good luck when he finds the perfect place to brew some hooch; the armored personnel carrier Boss Hogg bought to further his own nefarious plans.

Episode 16 - "Treasure of Hazzard";
Written by William Raynor & Myles Wilder; Directed by Hollingsworth Morse; 1/25/80
Hazzard County folks don't have much interest in anything Yankee - except, of course, for the Civil War-era strongbox the Yankees buried somewhere nearby. How fast can you shovel?

Episode 17 - "Officer Daisy Duke";
Written by Martin Roth; Directed by Dick Moder; 2/1/80
Are short shorts part of the official uniform? Daisy Duke is the new deputy sheriff - and she gets so much help from concerned cousins Bo and Luke, it's like the county has three Dukes on the payroll.

Episode 18 - "Find Loretta Lynn";
Written by Jim Rogers; Directed by Arthur Marks; 2/8/80
Three lamebrains kidnap the first lady of country music and demand dough-re-mi to let her go. They'll be singing a different tune after Bo and Luke catch up with them.

Episode 19 - "Jude Emery";
Written by Gy Waldron; Directed by Rod Amateau; 2/15/80
What kind of stranger packs a .38 and a guitar? A Texas Ranger stranger, that's who. The Dukes and the Lone Star lawman team up to go snake hungint, but on the trail of hijacker Snake Harmon.

Episode 20 - "Return of the Ridge Raiders";
Written by Si Rose; Directed by Hollingsworth Morse; 2/22/80
Uncle Jesse's itchier-than-wool underwear since funds for a senior-citizens center disappeared. But Boss Hogg suddenly has funds to open a club, complete with hostesses he calls pretty piggies.

Episode 21 - "Mason Dixon's Girls";
Written by Bruce Howard; Directed by Jack Starrett; 2/29/80
Bo and Luke are in the tall weeds...er, weed, Sheriff Rosco found marijuana in General Lee's trunk. It's all a mistake, of course, but try explaining that to the Hazzard County law.

Episode 22-"R.I.P. Henry Flatt";
Written by William Raynor & Myles Wilder; Directed by Denver Pyle; 3/14/80
Boss Hogg's new highway is a grave matter - going right through the cemetary. That news could raise the dead: conman Henry Flatt, for example, who was supposedly laid to rest a year earlier.

Episode 23 - "Southern Comforts";
Written by Martin Roth; Directed by Rod Amateau; 3/21/80
The Dukes' relatives arrive in town with $250,000 in their car trunk. That's 250,000 reasons to scour the county when a car thief unknowningly drives the green stuff out of town.