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The Closer Season 2 Episodes:

Episode 1: Blue Blood; Written by James Duff & Mike Berchem; Directed by Michael M. Robin; 6/12/06
Brenda investigates the murder of an L.A.P.D. officer while he was off duty, and Fritz pressures her for a decision on whether or not he can move in with her.

Episode 2: Mom Duty; Written by Wendy West; Directed by Gloria Muzio; 6/19/06
When a juror dies during a mob boss trial, Brenda has to finesse her way to questioning the remaining jurors. Meanwhile an unannounced visit put her plans with Fritz on hold.

Episode 3: Slippin'; Written by Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny; Directed by Elodie Keene; 6/26/06
The injury of one, and murder of two, USC students has Brenda juggling responsibilities for entertaining her mother and solving the case.

Episode 4: Aftertaste; Written by Steven Kane; Directed by Alvin Brown; 7/3/06
Investigation into the murder of an owner of a trendy restaurant is complicated by Brenda's odd behavior.

Episode 5: To Protect & to Serve; Written by Adam Belanoff; Driected by Elodie Keene; 7/10/06
When Flynn and Provenza put sky box tickets over duty, the repercussions could bring the unit down.

Episode 6: Out of Focus; Written by Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny; Directed by Michael M. Robin; 7/17/06
Brenda investigates the apparent suicide of a "stalkerazzo", and Fritz receives a disturbing phone call.

Episode 7: Head Over Heels; Written by Wendy West; Directed by Matt Earl Beesley; 7/24/06
Brenda's investigation into the murder of a porn star who was subsequently dismembered, brings up emotions that may or may not be related to the case. A pregnancy remains uncertain.

Episode 8: Critical Missing; Written by James Duff & Mike Berchem; Directed by Rick Wallace; 7/31/06
The discovery of the bodies of a Japanese woman and her daughter from an apparent murder/suicide, put the team on the trail of a possible multiple murderer.

Episode 9: Heroic Measures; Written by Adam Belanoff; Directed by Nelson McCormick; 8/7/06
An 8 year old boy dies and his friend blames himself for his death, he is very distraught. The detectives think that the mother was the responsible party for this, but she tries to put the blame elsewhere.

Episode 10: The Other Woman; Written by Steven Kane; Directed by Lesli Linka Glatter; 8/14/06
The death of a meth-head has Brenda looking at the Narcotics division, and a deposition may reveal a deeply held secret.

Episode 11: Borderline; Written by Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny; Directed by Rick Wallace; 8/21/06
A fender-bender while she's on duty interferes with Brenda's investigation into an apparent triple murder with no bodies, that may have ties to illegal immigration.

Episode 12: No Good Deed; Written by James Duff & Wendy West; Directed by Charles Haid; 8/28/06
The shooting of a witness who may free a murderer has the team investigating a Catholic school's Civics class, and a bombshell is dropped in the "murder room".

Episode 13: Overkill; Written by James Duff & Adam Belanoff; Directed by Michael M. Robin; 9/4/06
The death of an FBI informant puts Fritz in the role of peace keeper between the FBI Agent in charge and Brenda.

Episode 14: Serving the King, Part 1; Written by Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny; Directed by Arvin Brown; 12/4/06
On administrative leave after the shoot-out in her murder room, Brenda is called upon by an old friend to solve the murder of an Arab teenager with ties to a terrorist cell. Working covertly, can Brenda find the killer before her team is completely dismantled by Commander Taylor?

Episode 15: Serving the King, Part 2; Written by James Duff & Mike Berchem; Directed by Kevin Bacon; 12/4/06
After reuniting with her team, Brenda must make good her promise to find a member of the Army of Allah who the CIA desperately wants to interrogate regarding a shipment of missing plutonium.

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