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The Closer Season 4 Episodes:

Episode 1: Controlled Burn; Written by James Duff & Mike Berchem; Directed by Michael M. Robin; 7/14/08
Griffith Park in flames. Five people dead. a terrifying fire pits Brenda against her old nemesis, pyromaniac Bill Croelick.

Episode 2: Speed Bump; Written by Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny; Directed by Arvin Brown; 7/21/08
A recently paroled murdered finds life on the outside short and violent when he's the victim of a hit-and-run.

Episode 3: Cherry Bomb; Written by Michael Alaimo; Directed by Rick Wallace; 7/28/08
Traumatized by rape, a teenager hangs herself. A sad story, but maybe not a true one. Brenda suspects murder.

Episode 4: Live Wire; Written by Steven Kane; Directed by Elodie Keene; 8/4/08
A shooting victim is wearing an AV surveillance wire - which means the whole incident may have been recorded.

Episode 5: Dial "M" for Provenza; Written by Adam Belanoff; Driected by Arvin Brown; 8/11/09
A wife eager to be a widow hires a cold-eyes, steel-jawed hit man: Lt. Provenza, working undercover.

Episode 6: Problem Child; Written by Duppy Demetrius; Directed by Scott Ellis; 8/18/08
A 13-year-old with a short fuse and a long rap sheet vanishes. Who's more in danger, the boy or whomever he meets?

Episode 7: Sudden Death; Written by Hunt Baldwin & John Coveny; Directed by Kevin Bacon; 8/25/08
When Det. Sanchez's brother is shot down, the team scrambles to find the killer and keep their grief-stricken colleague off the case.

Episode 8: Split Ends; Written by Ken Martin & Mike Berchem; Directed by Roxann Dawson; 9/1/08
Brenda has two problems on her hands: her wedding-obsessed parents and a hairdresser murdered at a Hollywood studio.

Episode 9: Tijuana Brass; Written by James Duff & Mike Berchem; Directed by Anthony Hemingway; 9/8/08
A critical story in the Los Angeles Times spells trouble for the PHD. So do two dead Tijuana cops and a priest with inside info.

Episode 10: Time Bomb; Written by Steven Kane; Directed by Michael M. Robin; 9/15/08
The Major Crimes Division tackles its first major crime, a bomb plot that threatens countless innocent people.

Episode 11: Good Faith; Written by Adam Belanoff; Directed by Elodie Keene; 1/26/09
The medical examiner wants Brenda to investigate a suicide he thinks is murder. Clay and Willie Rae want Brenda to get married.

Episode 12: Junk in the Trunk; Written by Duppy Demetrius & Leo Geter; Directed by Scott Ellis; 2/2/09
Big man, small space. The decomposed body of a 300-lb. suspected diamond theif is found wedged in a car trunk.

Episode 13: Power of Attorney; Written by Michael Alaimo; Directed by Rick Wallace; 2/9/09
Battle of the Titans: Brenda matches wits with a lawyer just as smart, manipulative and determined as she is.

Episode 14: Fate Line; Written by Steven Kane; Directed by James Duff; 2/16/09
Brenda's wedding plans are complicated by a text-messaging killer. And by Fritz's ditzy, psychic sister, who "helps" with the case.

Episode 15: Double Blind; Written by Ken Martin & Leo Geter; Directed by Matthew Penn; 2/23/09
Marriage or murder? the day before the Big Day, major cases theaten to derail the Brenda-Fritz nuptials.

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