The Patriot Resource TV Series

Knots Landing
Knots Landing Season 1 Episodes:

Episode 1: Pilot; Written by David Jacobs; Directed by Peter Levin; 12/27/79
Welcome, strangers. Newcomers Gary and Valene become entangled in their neighbor' feverish lives.

Episode 2: Community Spirit; Written by Elizabeth Pizer; Directed by James Sheldon; 1/3/80
What are dead birds and a sludgy beach compared to money? J.R.'s offshore-drilling plan has Richard salivating.

Episode 3: Let Me Count the Ways; Written by William Carlisle Hopkins; Directed by Henry Levin 1/10/80
Teacher's pet. Richard runs for a school-board seat against a free-thinking teacher Karen kinds dangerously attractive.

Episode 4: The Lie; Written by Claudia Adams; Directed by Edward Parone; 1/17/80
Secret shame: Laura is raped, lies about it, and involves innocent bystander Val in the decpetion.

Episode 5: Will the Circle Be Unbroken; Writer: David Jacobs; Director: David Moessinger; 1/25/80
Val's mother Lili Mae visits Knots Landing, hoping to re-establish teh family bond she broke years earlier.

Episode 6: Home Is for Healing; Written by Rena Down; Directed by Roger Young; 1/31/80
Like mother, like daughter? Val makes the same mistakes with Lucy that Lili Mae made with her.

Episode 7: Land of the Free; Written by Clyde Ware; Directed by Nicholas Sgarro; 2/7/80
The wild ones. A vicious motorcycle gang terrorizes Knots Landing... and kndnaps Diana.

Episode 8: Civil Wives; Written by Jack Turley; Directed by Kim Friedman; 2/14/80
Honey, meet my wife. Sid's ex turns up, as sweet as sugar and as trustworthy as a nest of rattlesnakes.

Episode 9: The Constant Companion; Written by Robert W. Gilmer; Directed by Henry Levin; 2/21/80
Flowers, gifts, mysterious phone calls. Whoever wants Ginger's attention could be an admirer...or a menace.

Episode 10: Small Surprises: Written by Robert W. Gilmer; Directed by Nicholas Sgarro; 3/6/80
And baby makes six. Karen discovers she's pregnant and can't decide if she's delighted or devastated.

Episode 11: Courageous Convictions;
Written by Rogers Turrentine and Robert W. Gilmer; Directed by Henry Levin; 3/13/20
Brother, can you spare $20,000? Deeply in debt, Richard leans on his neighbors for some quick cash.

Episode 12: Bottom of the Bottle, Part One; Written by Calvin Clements, Jr.; Directed by Roger Young; 3/20/80
Gary gets a promotion, and celebrates with one drink. Which leads to several drinks... and a booze-soaked spree.

Episode 13: Bottom of the Bottle, Part Two; Written by John Pleshette; Directed by Roger Young; 3/27/80
The lost weekend continues as Gary spirals downward until, sick and vioilent, he lands in a detox ward.

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