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Knots Landing
Knots Landing Season 2 Episodes:

Episode 1: Hitchhike; Written by Don Murray; Directed by Edward Parone; 11/20/80
No good deed goes unpunished: Sid picks up a hitchhiker, who promptly accuses him of rape.

Episode 2: Hitchhike Part II; Written by Don Murray; Directed by Edward Parone; 11/27/80
As Sid's rape drama draws to a close, a new drama begins: Gorgeous, conniving Abby Cunningham settles in Knots Landing.

Episode 3: Remember the Good Times; Written by Diana Gould; Directed by James Sheldon; 12/4/80
Gary introduces fellow alcoholic Earl Trent to AA. Karen has her first showdown with Abby.

Episode 4: Chance of a Lifetime; Written by John Pleshette; Directed by Nicolas Sgarro; 12/11/80
Career moves: Gary cozies up with crooks. Richard quits his job for a plum post with a big Chicago law firm.

Episode 5: Kristin; Written by Diana Gould; Directed by Nicolas Sgarro; 12/18/80
"She's from Dallas." Not content with ruining lives in Big D, Kristin Shephard extends her talents to Knots Landing.

Episode 6: Step One; Written by Loraine Despres; Directed by Kim Friedman; 1/1/81
Karen and Diana patch up their tattered relationship when they Put on a Happy Face.

Episode 7: Breach of Faith; Written by William Hopkins; Directed by Harvey S. Laidman; 1/8/81
The scandal is juicier than a T-bone steak when tempers and libidos heat up at a cul-de-sac barbeque.

Episode 8: Scapegoats; Written by Tim Maschler; Directed by Gabrielle Beaumont; 1/15/81
After a run-in with Frank and Roy, Gary needs $50,000 - fast. Who has that kind of dough? Enter J.R. Ewing.

Episode 9: A Family Matter; Written by David Paulsen; Directed by Edward Parone; 1/22/81
J.R. is in town for an oil convention - and a round of backstabbing and power plays, So Cal style.

Episode 10: Choices: Written by L. Virginia Browne; Directed by Kim Friedman; 1/29/81
Rejection slips. Sid is oblivious to Linda's seduction. Richard gives Laura the brush-off and Abby tires of Richard.

Episode 11: A State of Mind; Written by Robert W. Gilmer; Directed by Alexander Singer; 2/5/81
When her ex files for custody of their children, Abby fights back with her most effective weapon: sex.

Episode 12: Players; Written by Susan Misty Stewart; Directed by Jeff Bleckner; 2/12/81
Linda finally has Sid right where she wants him: lip to lip and miles from home after their car conveniently breaks down.

Episode 13: The Loudest Word; Written by Joseph B. Wallenstein; Directed by Kim Friedman; 2/19/81
Brotherly love. Bobby Ewing arrives in Knots Landing to lend Gary support when val undergoes surgery.

Episode 14: Moments of Truth; Written by Robert W. Gilmer; Directed by Jeff Bleckner; 2/26/81
Ginger's baby shower ends in suspense and terror when armed robbers take the partygoers hostage.

Episode 15: Man of the Hour; Written by Sara Ann Friedman; Directed by Harvey S. Laidman; 3/12/81
A visiting teen's weakness for weed ensnares Eric in lies, family strife and near tragedy.

Episode 16: More Than Friends; Written by Carol Roper; Directed by Alexander Singer; 3/19/81
Earl Trent suggests a can't-fail plan to Val: Sleep with me to get revenger on our cheating spouses.

Episode 17: Designs; Written by Diana Gould and Robert W. Gilmer; Directed by Nicholas Sgarro; 3/26/81
J.R. is back in town. So is trouble: Sid's new, unpatented engine design is stolen.

Episode 18: Squeezeplay; Written by John Pleshette; Directed by Joseph B. Wallenstein; 3/26/81
White-knuckle time: Jeff kidnaps his kids. The FBI runs a sting to nab Frank and Roy. Someone drains the brake fluid from Sid's car. original content and design Copyright © 1999- Scott Cummings, All Rights Reserved. Privacy Statement.