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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Oath
Episode Number: 413
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: John Dahl
Original Air Date: 1/30/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 1:
(Caption: 0704 HRS)
The Raptor moves away from Galactica.

In CIC, Adama asks for a SitRep. Tigh says that the CAP is out and that Lee has talked to the Quorum, but they have no spine. Gaeta slips into CIC.

Hoshi calls Gaeta about the Raptor and says that he doesn't have anything on record. Hoshi then takes a look.

Tigh tells Adama that Nowart is rounding up Marines just in case

Lee brings the Quorum to order. He says that Zarek was taken into custody because he was inciting the ship to disobey orders. in the fleet. Just then, Zarek walks in and takes over the meeting.

Anders plays pyramid as Seelix walks in. He says that he used to be good at it and that winning the big game used to matter. Seelix says that she remembers life back on the colonies and how good it was. She talks about how they played pyramid together at Joe's bar. She thought they had something, but when it didn't happen, she guesses it was some Cylon thing. Suddenly, someone puts a bag over Anders head and he's taken down. Three men take him down and one pounds on him for a bit until he's stopped.

(Caption: 0809 HRS - CIC)
Adama hands over a report when Gaeta reports a fire. He suggests that it might not be real. Tigh immediately postulates that it might be Zarek. Adama orders a team to escort damage control team as they leave

Hot Dog packs a bag as Kara picks on him about being a father and what other conquests he might have. He makes a comment about her having slept around with nothing to show for it. She doesn't take it well as he leaves. Just then, there's an alarm. Kara walks out and spots Narcho. She asks what is up and he says just do as she's told. She wants to know why pilots are in charge of damage control. InShe spots some civilians and follows them. She finds Connors and others clearing out the weapons locker.

Starbuck goes back into the officers quarters and grabs small arms that are there. She gets on the wireless to CIC and Gaeta answers. She walks to talk to Adama and he basically hangs up on her.

On Colonial One, Lee calls CIC. Gaeta answers and says that they have an emergency so Adama is busy. Lee then asks about Zarek and Gaeta acts surprised that Zarek was released. He says that he'll ask Adama when he sees him. Lee hangs up and Zarek walks in. Lee says that Adama was out of line when he arrested Zarek, but that they do need the Cylon jump drives. Zarek says that Lee can't have it both ways. Zarek says that he was released because Zarek is no longer a threat because he's about to supercede the civilian government because Roslin "abdicated" Lee decides to go to Galactica to talk to Adama.

Gaeta reports both primary and secondary communications are both out.

Lee climbs off the Raptor and finds Connor and a few others. Lee wants to know if all communications are still out. Connor's answer is a couple shots to Lee's midsection. Lee tells him that he's making a mistake. Connor says that after four years fighting with the Cylons, there's no way there will be an alliance. Lee is secured as Racetrack and Skulls look on. Connor asks where Lee's Cylon friends are now. Just then, the guard is shot by Kara. Skulls starts to react and Kara shoots him too. She wants to know who is next and Racetrack and Connor back down. Lee is released and he and Kara leave the hangar deck. Racetrack moves to help the wounded Skulls.

Athena, Hera and Helo are in their quarters when they hear gunfire. Helo tries to grab his weapon, but Gage and a few other burst in. Helo says to take him, but they want Athena and Hera. Gage then reminds him that Helo and Tyrol killed his buddy Thorne. Helo says that they didn't want that to happen. Gage counters that he made a choice to back a skinjob rather than his own kind. Helo tells him off, but Gage says he's saving himself for Athena. Helo then moves at Gage, but is struck by one of the other men. He starts to stand up, but is struck a second time and knocked unconscious.


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