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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Oath
Episode Number: 413
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: John Dahl
Original Air Date: 1/30/09 on SciFi Channel

(Caption: 0620 HRS - Admiral's Quarters)
Adama pours coffee. Tigh walks in and turns down the algae-ground coffee. Tigh reports that three more ships have refused to have Cylons on board. The tylium ship has also complained. Adama tells Tigh to take point and get Lee to bring the Quorum into line. Just then, Roslin walks out in her bathrobe. She greets Tigh, who is momentarily speechless. When he continues, he points out that with the fleet's animosity toward Cylons, he's not the best person to take point. Adama says that he'll be up in a minute and Tigh leaves.

(Caption: 0632 Hours - Galactica Brig)
Zarek sits in the brig as Gaeta arrives.

Gaeta and Zarek move through the corridor. They have to stop as people pass. Gaeta scratches his stump as they wait. Gaeta says that rumors are already flying. Gaeta says that everything is in place except the Quorum. Zarek says that they'll "huff and puff," but the Quorum will accept the change, all of them except Lee. Gaeta says that Zarek will be able to just push Lee's buttons.

Roslin and Adama talk about Lee. Roslin points out that Lee going after the Quorum will be seen as coming from Adama. Roslin then stops herself and says she's not interested in getting back into the political game. When Adama says nothing, Roslin says that she sees right through his stoic silence. Adama gets up and tells her that he'll be home for dinner. As he walks out, Roslin starts to tell him that Cantrell is the key to the Quorum. He gives her a look and she realizes that she's doing exactly what she said she wouldn't.

Down on the hangar deck, Gaeta gives the nod to Racetrack who stages a "leak" and gets everyone off the deck. Racetrack says that everything is in place. They are about to board the Raptor when Laird walks up and says that the Raptor is set aside for medical emergencies not a "bogus" VIP escort. Gaeta tries to talk him into the mission being official but being kept quiet because of the controversial nature of Zarek, but Laird insists on calling it in. Zarek grabs a wrench and hits Laird, killing him.

Jeanne, one of Baltar's women, was on the catwalk watching. She leaves.

As Gaeta finds that Laird is dead, Zarek then says that he won't be the last and he needs to know that Gaeta has what it takes. Gaeta says that he started it and he'll finish it. He then demands that Zarek get on the Raptor. Zarek climbs onboard as Gaeta takes a deep breath.


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