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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Oath
Episode Number: 413
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: John Dahl
Original Air Date: 1/30/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 3:
(Caption: 0925 HRS)
Lee and Kara arrive at Adama's quarters as gunfire is heard behind them. Lee notices that there are no guards. Kara starts to open the door and it opens. Roslin is there and says that she is okay. Lee and Kara go in. Lee briefs Roslin on what he does know. He says that they could lose the ship. He also tells her that Zarek is back on Colonial One and is after the Presidency. Roslin gets motivated when she hears about Zarek. She then says that she has an idea about wireless.

(Caption: 0934 HRS - CIC)
Gage reports there is resistance at the engine room and Gaeta orders a squad down to take care of it. Gage hesitates and Gaeta says, "stay with us."

Tyrol orders them to secure things because they don't know when they are coming. Baltar says that he has no desire to leave as he hugs a couple of them. Baltar figures that they will come for him. Jeanne apologizes for not being able to protect him and they start to pray, which Baltar is clearly not interested in. He then talks to Tyrol. Tyrol figures the ship is about to be lost.

Lee and Starbuck lead out on Rosln and then Roslin just walks past them as they arrive at Baltar's quarters. One of the women blocks her, but Tyrol allows them in. Tyrol reports that he's getting news from all over the ship and that the internal communications can't be trusted. He just got word that Adama is being taken down to the brig. He says that if they can get to the Secondary Storage Bay, he can get Adama off the ship. Lee wants to know why "he's doing this." Tyrol says that Adama deserves better than what the mutineers will give him. Roslin tells Lee to go get Adama and that she'll take care of the wireless.

(Caption: 0947 HRS)
Nowart and Maldonado lead Adama and Tigh down the corridor. Adama talks it up with Nowart and suddenly stops. The distraction lets Adama and Tigh get the drop on the guards. Maldonado is killed and Nowart taken into custody by them.

Roslin talks to Baltar, who plans to leave. Roslin wants to talk to the fleet and assure them that the Cylons mean no harm, but Baltar plays stupid. Roslin says that she knows that he has wireless and has used it to talk to his "flock." She wants to use it to talk to the fleet. Baltar's woman thinks that it is a trick, but tells her that it is okay. She unhappily moves off. Baltar points out that Roslin couldn't confidence one of his women, so how can she convince the fleet. She says that she figures his knack for self-preservation would kick in and that she never bought his conversion. He counters that she quickly embraced the prophecies of pythia when it served her politically. She then says that if it makes him feel better, she'll admit that they both might be frauds, but they need to move past that.

(Caption: 0956 HRS)
Connor gives a report. Adama and Tigh are nearby and wait until they move off. He asks Nowart where they were being taken. Nowart says that all essential personnel were being taken to the brig.

(Caption: 1012 HRS)
In CIC, Gage reports that the ships are trying to communicate with Galactica and want to know why they aren't responding. Gaeta tells him to "put it all" on speakers and then wants a scrambled line to Colonial One. Gaeta says that he's taken control of the ship and that Adama is in custody. Zarek is disappointed that Adama is alive and considers it a loose end. He says that he's bringing up communications as the fleet is a mess. They are interrupted by Roslin coming on over the wireless.

Roslin says that the fleet has come to a crossroads. She says that humans and Cylons have been at war for years, but because they are running low on supplies, the alliance with the Cylons as a last chance of survival. She pleads that they reconsider that support and not let those who would use their fear of Cylons to destroy Colonial civilization.

Gaeta finally succeeds in jamming the signal.

Lee says that he couldn't approach the brig. Starbuck points over at a corner. They move toward it and it turns out to be Tigh and Adama. Starbuck spots Nowart and immediately takes aim at him. Adama tells her to stand down. Adama tells Nowart to leave. As Starbuck moves past Adama, he bumps her arm causing her to miss Nowart who gets away. Adama yells at her and she says that they are not his men anymore and that they are the enemy.


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