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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Oath
Episode Number: 413
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: John Dahl
Original Air Date: 1/30/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 2:
(Caption: 0902 HRS - DRY STOWAGE 5A)
Lee is stunned that pilots are involved. Kara says that they sounded like they had people ready to move to the hangar deck. Lee says that they want the whole ship. Lee says that Zarek played him. Kara kisses him, which surprises Lee and prompts him to ask, "What was that?" She says that they can only trust each other. She feels alive and has a purpose again for the first time in weeks. Kara says she doesn't know about the status of either Adama or the President. They leave the compartment.

(Caption: 0908 HRS - CIC)
Tigh wants to know what is going on and wants to know why there are no reports. Hoshi says readings are normal. Gaeta says that the sensors could be affected too. Adama orders Private Jaffey to go down to C Deck and get a report and run back.

In the brig, Helo is thrown in. Gage tells Athena that he'll see her soon. Athena checks on Helo. Athena asks Anders to help her stop the bleeding. Caprica Six says that they are going to be killed. She says that the idea of the Cylons being able to procreate scares the humans. Athena wants her to quiet down because she's scaring Hera. Athena says that they need them alive to bargain with the other Cylons, especially Anders. He says that he doesn't have any more answers that she does. She tells him to keep that to himself.

(Caption: 0913 HRS - COORIDOR F)
Kara and Lee move through a hallway where there had been fighting. They can hear fighting still going on further down the corridor and actually have a couple of close encounters. They move cautiously on through.

(Caption: 0922 HRS)
The private returns to report that the sensors were rigged. Gaeta immediately calls in the Marines to secure CIC. Adama wants to know what is going on and there is a standoff. The private moves to protect Adama and is shot as gunfire erupts. Gaeta orders the gunfire halted. He tells Adama to order his men to stand down. Tigh stands up, but Adama orders him to stand down. Gaeta then says that he's taking command of the ship. Adama says that he took an oath when he put on that uniform. Gaeta says that Adama is not the same man that he was seven years ago when Gaeta first arrived onboard, is now willing to allow his ship to be networked and that his friendship with Cylons has corrupted his judgment. Adama tells everyone that if they "do this," there will be no forgiveness or amnesty. He says that the private died honoring his uniform, but Gaeta will die with nothing. Gaeta then orders the command staff taken to a holding cell and Adama and Tigh arrested. Tigh and Adama are escorted out of CIC. Hoshi is also escorted out.


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