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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Oath
Episode Number: 413
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: John Dahl
Original Air Date: 1/30/09 on SciFi Channel

Act 4:
Roslin is surprised that it is Gaeta and points out that Baltar probably knows Gaeta as well as anyone. Baltar counters that neither of them chose the best of aides back on New Caprica.

Lee, Kara, Adama and Tigh move through. Tigh wants to know if Tyrol really has a way off the ship. Lee says he's not sure, but Tigh should know because Tyrol's one of theirs. Lee says that Zarek is essentially right because of everything that the Cylons have done and that's what they've been left with.

As they wait in the storage compartment, Tyrol walks and looks over at Baltar who finally picks up the wireless.

(Caption: 1027 HRS)
Gage tells Gaeta that Baltar has called. Gaeta picks up the phone and wants to know what Baltar wants. Baltar says that he wants things to stop and that he knows Gaeta and that he is an honorable and that he wants to help. Gaeta points out that he did so in Baltar's corrupt administration. Baltar reminds him of their little secret [of Gaeta having inadvertently given the Cylons the names of those in the Resistance] and that "this" isn't the way to seek redemption. Gaeta hangs up on Baltar.

In the storage compartment, Baltar hangs up the phone.

In CIC, Gaeta notices a ship on dradis and Gage reports that it's a Raptor carrying a human crew from the Cylon baseship. After watching it for a moment, Gaeta realizes that they are not heading for the hangar deck.

The Raptor docks and the airlock is opened. The Raptor is piloted by an Eight.

Tyrol says that they are ready as Starbuck, Adama, Tigh, Kara and Lee walk in. Adama greets Tyrol and walks over to Roslin. Lee says he forgot about the storage airlock. Tyrol says that everyone did and that got torn up in the raid on New Caprica. He brought it back online just for "this." Roslin and Adama kiss and share a long moment that leaves the others stunned. Tyrol breaks the moment with a report that a fire team is on its way to their position and will be there in two minutes. Lee, Tyrol and Kara slip back out of the airlock and head into the ship. Baltar and Roslin board the Raptor while Tigh and Adama stay behind.

The Raptor takes off and heads for the Cylon baseship.

(Caption: 1041 HRS - CIC)
Gage reports that the Raptor took off from the aft airlock and isn't responding to hails. Gaeta wants to know who is on the CAP and Gage reports that Hot Dog and Narcho are on the CAP. Gaeta tells Gage to give Narcho orders to arm his weapons and destroy the Raptor.

As the fire team starts to get the door open, Tigh says he could have left with her, but Adama won't leave his ship. The fire team overrides the door and opens it. Adama fires at the opening. He tells Tigh that it's "been an honor serving with you, my friend." They take positions as a grenade is thrown in.

In the compartment, the grenade blast can be seen filling the airlock.


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