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Season 4.5 Episode Summaries:

Episode Name: The Oath
Episode Number: 413
Written by: Mark Verheiden
Directed by: John Dahl
Original Air Date: 1/30/09 on SciFi Channel

  • 39,643 survivors. Laird's death in the first moments of the episode is reflected in the number of survivors. Due to the violence of the mutiny, the number of survivors has dropped from that number by the end of the episode.
  • The mutiny storyline utilized a number of recurring characters, some of whom haven't been seen in some time or very frequently:
    • Racetrack, Skulls and Seelix were the most prominent recurring characters involved as pilots who frequently appear.
    • Narcho is another pilot who originally came from the Pegasus . He has rarely appeared since transferring from the Pegasus , but his being the only named pilot left from the Pegasus is likely why he was chosen to be part of Gaeta's mutiny.
    • Laird, formerly the Pegasus ' deck chief, had last been glimpsed as Tyrol's replacement just before Earth was found. Laird had rarely appeared since Admiral Cain's death, though he was prominent in the season two Pegasus episodes and the Razor telefilm.
    • Charlie Connor was part of Anders' Resistance both on Caprica and New Caprica. He was also part of Zarek's tribunal that nearly executed Gaeta. He was last seen beating up Baltar. He has made few appearances in the series, but he does seem to turn up whenever violence involves civilians.
    • Nowart had been an extra as a Marine in several episodes going back to the second season, but was given a much more prominent role here.
    • Gage had last been seen on the Pegasus two seasons ago entering the Pegasus brig and beating up Helo and Tyrol with Vireem before Commander Fisk stopped them.

Unanswered Questions:
  • Did Adama and Tigh survive the grenade explosion?
  • Will the Raptor with Roslin and Baltar escape?
  • Where did Lee, Kara and Tyrol go?
  • Will Gage pass Gaeta's order to Narcho since he seemed to hesitate? If he does so, will Narcho carry it out?
  • Will the Cylons become involved in the conflict?
  • What effect did Roslin's speech have on the fleet and Quorum, not to mention some of the mutineers that might have heard her?
  • What do Gaeta and Zarek plan to do with the captured Cylons? What kind of "bargain" do they plan to strike with the Cylon baseship?
  • Will the civilian (Zarek and Connor) and military factions of the mutiny continue to work together as one unit? Or will Zarek use the civilians onboard to push his agenda further than even Gaeta is willing now that Gaeta seems to have secured the Galactica ?
  • Where did Nowart run off to? Will he rejoin the mutiny?
  • What is Tyrol's involvement with Baltar's cult since they allowed him in and seemed to be willing to take direction from him even as he has moved closer to the Cylons?
  • Has Baltar tired of being a religious leader? Now that he has left the women behind, will he return?
  • How seriously wounded is Skulls?
  • What effect will Roslin and Adama's romantic relationship have on any decision making by either? Also, how will the revelation affect the fleet's perception?

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