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The Patriot DVD Extras: Deleted Scene Screenshots

2. The Aftermath (:45)
This scene picks up after the soldier falls into the camera ending the skirmish that has spilled over onto the Martin farm.

Screenshot #1:
Scene 2 - Pic 1

As dawn breaks over the farm, Benjamin and Thomas go out to survey the fields following the skirmishing from the evening before. They are not sure about what they will find, so they cautiously go out armed while the rest of the children remain inside.

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Screenshot #2:
Scene 2 - Pic 2

We follow Benjamin as he walks further into the field. We begin to glimpse bodies of men and horses. Some are dead, but there are also wounded who have been left behind.

Screenshot #3:
Scene 2 - Pic 3

The scene ends with a wide shot, which shows Benjamin and Thomas standing in the middle of the carnage before them. It is a disturbing sequence with the silent morning setting contrasting the violence of the evening before.

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