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The Patriot DVD Extras: Deleted Scene Screenshots

5. The Heart of a Villain (2:25)
The scene extends the scene where Charlotte and the children's arrive at the slave colony. It picks up after the children surround and hug Abigale. It then shifts to a scene between Colonel Tavington and Rollins, a captured member of Benjamin Martin's militia.

Screenshot #1:
Scene 5 - Pic 1

This is a continuation of the Martin family's arrival at the Gullah Camp where Abigale has stayed since Colonel Tavington sent Benjamin's employees away. Here, Abigale is showing Charlotte the empty shack that the family will stay in. There is a bit of tension here, because of Charlotte's wealthy background. Will she be able to accept the meager shack?

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Screenshot #2:
Scene 5 - Pic 2

This shot is a celebratory scene after Charlotte, a plantation owner, has graciously accepted the bare shack as her new home. With that tension gone, the children and Abigale playfully share a happy moment at their reunion while Charlotte and Gabriel look on.

Screenshot #3:
Scene 5 - Pic 3

The deleted scene immediately transitions to a field where we find Colonel Tavington admiring the country. He gazes around and comments on the beauty of the land and how everything grows. His moment of bliss is then interrupted by a scream.

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