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The Patriot DVD Extras: Deleted Scene Screenshots

1. The Creek (1:40)
It is following day after the family had heard the sound of battle in the distance. Benjamin Martin has told his children to stay close to the house.

Screenshot #1:
Scene 1 - Pic 1

Benjamin Martin is busy plowing his fields on the day after the family heard cannonfire in the distance at dusk. One of his black "employees" is controlling the oxen while Benjamin mans the plow.

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Screenshot #2:
Scene 1 - Pic 2

One of Martin's black "employees" looks up from his work and smiles as he watches Nathan and Samuel chase after a horse that has slipped out of the barn (Editor's Note: The same sequence of the two boys chasing the horse is in the opening credits of the theatrical release).

Screenshot #3:
Scene 1 - Pic 3

Abigale looks on in concern from the porch of the house as she watches Nathan and Samuel stray further from the house and barn. She finally calls them back, but they move further and further away.

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