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The Patriot DVD Extras: Deleted Scene Screenshots

4. The Butcher (1:05)
The scene picks up at the end of the Battle of Camden. There is an additional line of dialogue added to the scene where Genenal Cornwallis and General O'Hara discuss the victory on the battlefield. It then transitions to the end of the battle. Colonel Tavington and his second-in-command Captain Bordon ride up to the British camp and enter the officers' tent where Tavington and General Cornwallis discuss his conduct on the battlefield.

Screenshot #1:
Scene 4 - Pic 1

Colonel Tavington and his second-in-command Captain Bordon ride up to the British camp following their victory at the Battle of Camden. The shot pans to follow Tavington showing off a long special effects sequence which portrays the final moments of the battlefield in the distance.

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Screenshot #2:
Scene 4 - Pic 2

Colonel Tavington arrives at the officers' tent, still bloody from battle. (Editor's Note: The blood on his face could be explained by another deleted scene of Tavington decapitating a Patriot soldier). Tavington greets General Charles Cornwallis, who is in another room of the tent in conversation. Cornwallis turns and replies to Tavington's greeting sharply and without any pleasantries. Sensing a confrontation, the other officers grow quiet. They watch Tavington, whispering and looking on condescendingly.

Screenshot #3:
Scene 4 - Pic 3

Colonel Tavington remains stoic as General Cornwallis upbraids him in front of the other officers. Cornwallis is critical of Tavington, because his second-in-command, General O'Hara has told him that Tavington has gained the nickname of 'The Butcher' among the locals.

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