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4. The Butcher (1:05)
The scene picks up at the end of the Battle of Camden. There is an additional line of dialogue added to the scene where Genenal Cornwallis and General O'Hara discuss the victory on the battlefield. It then transitions to the end of the battle. Colonel Tavington and his second-in-command Captain Bordon ride up to the British camp and enter the officers' tent where Tavington and General Cornwallis discuss his conduct on the battlefield.

Screenshot #4:
Scene 4 - Pic 4

Following Genenal Cornwallis' harsh words for Colonel Tavington, General O'Hara attempts to lighten the mood in the officers' tent by cheerily brown-nosing with a toast to the General's victory on the field of Camden. Colonel Tavington then stands there in silence as his fellow officers ignore him so they are not affiliated with him in the wake of the confrontation.

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Screenshot #5:
Scene 4 - Pic 5

Obviously unwelcome in the officers' tent following his confrontation with General Cornwallis, Colonel Tavington silently strides out with his head high and some of his dignity intact. Just before he exits, he glances to the left at something with a look of utter contempt.

Screenshot #6:
Scene 4 - Pic 6

The camera pans to show that Tavington has glared at a painting of one of General Cornwallis' prized dogs. While Cornwallis had been upbraiding Tavington, he had been feeding the same dog from the food spread that had been set out for the officers. As a result, the not-so subtle point of the scene is that Cornwallis treats his dogs better than Tavington.

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