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3. Birth of the Ghost & The Funeral (2:00)
The scene picks up after Benjamin has taken out his anger on the last British soldier that he chased into the nearby creek. He has wiped out the patrol that was taking Gabriel to Camden to be hanged.

Screenshot #1:
Scene 3 - Pic 1

Benjamin Martin walks away from the last British soldier that he hacked away on during his rescue of Gabriel. This shot is from the perspective of the lone suriviving British soldier. He is wounded and drifts in and out of awareness. This soldier is the same one who later recounts to Colonel Tavington that the detachment had been ambushed by a ghost. This completes the explanation of the nickname 'The Ghost' found on the British wanted posters.

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Screenshot #2:
Scene 3 - Pic 2

Benjamin, Gabriel, Nathan and Samuel arrive back at the now burned out Martin home in what had been the British detachment's transport wagon (seen on the right).

Screenshot #3:
Scene 3 - Pic 3

Margaret stands up from the steps of the now-burned out and ruined Martin home. Susan and William are in shock and do not react with much emotion to the return of the father and brother.

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